Blogs | 5 January 2021

Are New Brexit Formalities Causing Delays? Managed Customs Services Can Help

On 1 January 2021, new post-Brexit border controls took effect, including the requirement of customs declarations, rules of origin checks, product safety certificates, and transportation paperwork for goods entering the EU from Great Britain. Do you have processes in place for complying with these formalities? Are your resources tasked with customs compliance familiar with the UK Border Operating Model? If not, your shipments risk waiting hours to cross the border, just to be turned away.

Managed Customs Services

Managed Customs Services supports different aspects of the highly complex, time-critical customs declarations processes to ensure compliance and business continuity, improve service delivery and response times, and automate as many tasks as possible for greater efficiency and cost savings. We can help you adapt to Brexit, then go beyond compliance to optimise your trade lanes globally.

C4T’s Managed Customs Services

C4T provides Managed Customs Services to support customs organisations while giving customs managers control and visibility into the totality of their operations. While this type of ownership and insight can be largely accomplished by implementing a customs compliance solution that automates tasks and provides information to address operational challenges, there are a number of important tasks that cannot be automated. These tasks must generally be managed by in-house customs teams, but sometimes companies don’t have the resources or subject matter expertise to handle all of these requirements.

Customs4trade’s Managed Customs Services help CAS customers and companies in the process of implementing CAS manage the complexities of customs and trade compliance with services that fall into a defined scope with clear-cut responsibilities and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Managed Customs Services are an extension of our Standard Support, and address tasks including:


  • Creating, submitting, amending, invalidating, and monitoring customs declarations in each country.
  • Handling errors and exceptions to guarantee business continuity.
  • Uploading shipment data.
  • Presenting requested electronic documents to customs authorities.
  • Ensuring declarations meet the legal requirements of the respective country’s customs authorities, including tariffs, exchange rates, and code lists.
  • Extra hour coverage for extended or out-of-scope declarations.

With Managed Customs Services, you can decide which of these tasks you would like to outsource and which you can deal with internally. Our team gives your customs professionals the support they need, whenever they need it, with unmatched expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house resources or collaborating with customs brokers. Contact us to enquire about how our Managed Customs Services can help you streamline your customs operations.


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