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Building a Career at C4T: Charlotte Vandecan

Charlotte is part of Office Management, the team that keeps C4T running like clockwork. If you have called into our offices, there is a good chance you’ve spoken with her, whether it was in Dutch, English, or French. In addition to often being the first contact for our customers and prospects, she is also the first contact in the employee onboarding process, greeting new joiners and helping them connect to our different systems.

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In school, Charlotte studied Office Management and Intercultural Relations—subjects that made her a perfect fit for her current role. During her studies, she interned at a bank in Malta for three months. After returning to Belgium and finishing her degree, she took a short break and then set out to find a job in Office Management.

“C4T was the third company I interviewed with. From the first interview, I was immediately attracted to the office,” said Charlotte. “It wasn’t like a typical office environment. At the bank where I did my internship, the environment was very formal and I only had contact with my team lead. It was a very different experience than here at Customs4trade!”

Charlotte was also attracted to the international aspect of C4T. “I saw the opportunity of growing together with the company. They already had a very international team and a vision of going more international, so I could use my languages.” After her second interview, Charlotte stopped all other interviews and pursued the position at C4T. “Their vision and values aligned with my values and I really felt it was a good fit.”

Charlotte started with C4T in an interim position in April of 2019 and came on as a full-time employee that November. Her favorite part of her job? “I like working with people from different countries and experiencing the difference in cultures. Some people don’t notice that there are differences in how people see something or how they react to something. Since I studied intercultural relations I am always fascinated by those differences and how we perceive them. When I was in Malta, it always sounded to me like people were arguing when they were just talking with each other—but then I have heard that about Dutch as well!”

When Charlotte joined C4T, Laura, our former lead office manager, and Ilse, our co-founder and COO, served as Charlotte’s mentors. We asked her about the most important things she has learned from them. “Laura and Ilse always said ‘Everything will be okay’ and it is a mantra they passed on to the rest of the team. That is one of the important things I’ve learned and something I remind myself of often. Everything will be okay!”

“From Ilse, I have also learned to look at things from the perspective of an employee or a customer. The goal of Office Management is to always keep everyone in the company happy and to help wherever we can help. Looking at things from a different perspective can change the approach of how best to present information.”

Both of these lessons are a reminder of our current mantra, #weareinthistogether. For a year now, Charlotte has been cheerfully onboarding new C4T’ers remotely. “I look forward to when we can all be back together in the office.”

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