Blogs | 1 June 2022

Introducing C4T’s Learning & Development Division

On a mission to become the #1 global customs solution

In the past couple of years, we were fortunate to experience incredible growth as a company. From that, we learned that with great growth comes the need for efficient knowledge transfer. That is how the need for a Learning & Development (L&D) division became a company objective.

Under the leadership of L&D Director Wim Verbeeck and Chief People Officer Ilse Vermeersch, the Learning & Development division will create a sustainable culture of professional development within C4T. Following Simon Sinek’s philosophy “Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders – in that order”, our L&D vision is to:

  • guide employees throughout their tenure at C4T and enable them to grow both professionally and personally,
  • develop our tribe’s capabilities, skills, and competences in order to remain successful and support our common organisational goal: becoming the #1 global customs solution,
  • guide customers to get the full benefit out of CAS,
  • create enthusiasm for CAS among prospects with comprehensive showcase material and live demos.

While L&D is a new addition to the C4T organisational structure, it is a quintessential part of the tribe, connecting with all internal divisions. From the start, Wim’s mantra has been that the L&D division is not an island; it interacts and collaborates with all parts of C4T, making the culture of continuous professional development a company-wide responsibility. Involving and making the other divisions accountable for their learning also comes from Confucius’ philosophy “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”.


Currently, the L&D division’s core focuses are on:

  • smooth onboarding of new customers and employees,
  • structuring and centralising the L&D processes,
  • implementing a new tool that will facilitate continuous professional development, in line with C4T’s digital-first philosophy.

From an employee perspective, the L&D division will lead to a lighter workload for Onboarding, fewer Customer Support tickets, a better company-wide understanding of CAS and customs, and a greater opportunity for employees to self-identify and pursue interests to further their careers. That translates to happy employees.

From a customer perspective, the new L&D division aligns with C4T’s brand promise: to go beyond compliance. This includes making sure our customers have the required knowledge and skills to get the full benefit out of all C4T-provided tools. That translates to happy customers.


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