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Brexit Quick Start Guide 

We have prepared a guide which can be used by a single Central Export Lead who is accountable for defining and implementing the changes required in flows, between the UK and the EU. There are several scenarios where this guide and the associated materials can be used, based on your situation, having a tailored result and solution!

Examples of scenarios contain:

  • Ensuring existing or new flows comply with EU and UK regulations.
  • Moving from a broker-based solution to a customs software solution, like CAS.
  • Enhancing current customs capabilities to improve efficiency.

What this guide includes?

  1. Detailed tables which give a step-by-step, prioritised approach to preparing and implementing the new ways of working.
  2. Tools to estimate extra resources required, and capture systems access and training needs by user.
  3. Procedures with step by step instructions on how to execute import / export movements post-Brexit.
  4. Data Templates to collect static data and transactional data.
  5. Communication Materials with a collection of slides that can be used to quickly develop internal and external communications for use with different audiences.
  6. Implementation Plan with day-by-day project plan focused on the business preparation

Save time and costs

Together with this guide you can implement our zero-touch customs compliance solution CAS. This will help you to save costs by:
  1. Automating your (UK) customs declarations. This allows you to free-up in-house resources and cut the costs of third parties.
  2. Standardising processes that can cut red tape.
  3. Using optimisations such as Special Procedures to obtain significant savings in customs duty.

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About CAS

CAS offers the customs manager a SaaS solution to turn customs and trade compliance into valuable services

enabling the customs managers to shape and run their customs accounting services, unshackle data, provide strategic insights and truly collaborate with business partners

The days are over to worry about duty and administration costs, firefighting changing legal requirements and business dynamics 

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