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Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status allows companies to take advantage of simplified procedures, reduced time-critical customs controls, and the privileges of reduced guarantees—but it is a rigorous process.

While obtaining and maintaining AEO authorisation gives your organisation a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to international trade, it can be a herculean task for customs managers. Collecting and organising data scattered throughout the organisation is not only time-consuming but error-prone and difficult to manage. Excel spreadsheets just aren’t a sufficient management tool for gathering input from multiple collaborators and organising, reviewing, and validating it in a coherent way.

Using Customs4trade’s Customs Accounting System (CAS) AEO Tool, you can compile the data you need via one centralised hub. Our experts are available to analyse your self-assessment and provide guidance to ensure your application meets the AEO requirements. You can rely on us to help you prepare everything you need to be approved and authorised by customs authorities.

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Key benefits

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1. Collaboration
Cloud-based platform allows for simultaneous contributions from stakeholders in different departments and locations speaking different languages.

2. Centralisation
All the data and annexes for your AEO application can be compiled and accessed via a single, centralised hub, eliminating the use of cumbersome spreadsheets and file shares. 

3. Automation
Assign questions and create an automated workflow to get answers.

4. Dashboards & reporting
Get a real-time view of completion status of your self-assessment.

5. Expert support
C4T’s customs specialists can review your self-assessment prior to submission to ensure all of the requirements are met.

How it works

Streamline the collation and organisation of information

The application for AEO authorisations involves filling out a detailed and extensive self-assessment questionnaire that requires input from a variety of internal stakeholders across departments. 

C4T’s cloud-based CAS AEO Tool streamlines the process, significantly reducing time spent by both your internal AEO co-ordinator and various stakeholders. It supports simultaneous collaboration among contributors in different locations with different language backgrounds and provides detailed explanations of questionnaire content in a variety of languages. Questions can be assigned to users and coordinators can easily query the system to find out real-time status.

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Main Features

Centralisation Collaboration








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“Customs4trade is an excellent service provider for our company. They have succeeded in creating a specific AEO tool to assist us in the certification process. The tool facilitates the self-assessment in a structured and manageable way.”

Rik Legrand, Business Process Consultant and Responsible Hardware Change Management, Atos Worldline

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Drastically reduce the time and effort required to achieve AEO status with C4T’s CAS AEO Tool.

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