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Customs managers are typically provided with declaration data in cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, making it nearly impossible to present insight into company-wide import and export activities at the pace today’s businesses demand. Lacking the hard facts, customs management becomes a cost center rather than living up to its potential of playing a strategic role in organisational growth.

CAS Insights, our Visibility & Analytics Tool, allows you to gather declaration and Special Procedures data filed by your external customs broker or worldwide locations and transform it into at-a-glance dashboards for insights and controls. CAS Insights can process data from any country in which declarations, with or without Special Procedures applied, are filed, regardless of the language or data structure, giving you a centralised view of all of your customs-related activities.

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Key benefits

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1. Operational insights
Full visibility into your operations via easy-to-read graphs, maps, and dashboards with extensive reporting capabilities.

2. One centralised platform
Company-wide declaration data can be accessed, shared, and analysed across locations to optimise and standardise procedures based on what’s working.

3. Effortless
The necessary data is provided by your broker or any of your offices worldwide and uploaded directly into CAS.

4. Cost savings
Identify duty and administration cost savings and detect errors and anomalies in data, such as commodity codes or customs value.

5. Integration
Use as a standalone solution to gain insights into customs data or integrate with other CAS modules to create the most value for your business.

How it works

C4T’s CAS Insights Module gives you visibility into company-wide data so you can optimise costs, movement of goods, and customs operations.

Customs brokers or any of your locations worldwide upload declaration data to CAS Insights via Excel or, for high-volume transactions, using our standard APIs. C4T provides templates and, if necessary, integration assistance. Data from different countries, in different languages, and with different form fields is automatically standardised and consolidated into a centralised repository. Permission can be assigned to different user groups, so each party has visibility into the information pertinent to their role.

Once the data has been loaded into CAS, it can be filtered and sorted by date range, customs flow stages, receiving country, and more so you can get the information you need. Content and graphs can be easily downloaded for use in presentations. Dashboard visualisations are grouped by operational, trending, performance, and financial information for at-a-glance insights that really move the needle on operational excellence and savings. Standardised reports and views include status of declarations, customs errors, validation errors, releases, exit confirmation, performance and speed of filing, current and potential duty savings, guarantee thresholds, and much more. Custom reporting for enterprises is available.

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“CAS helps us support our rapidly expanding export customers. We are realising significant improvements in the time-critical export shipment process. With the investment in our Wielsbeke plant, we will increase our capacity by 50%.  CAS helps the shipping department keep pace with our growth and realise bottom-line customs duty savings.”

Carmen Wallays, Procurement & Logistics Director, Agristo

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