Watch the webinar recording of the AGS to DMS transition in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is transitioning their Customs System from AGS to DMS. In this webinar, learn from C4T and Jan Akkermans, Managing Partner and Customs consultant at GRC Customs, as they share the latest news from Dutch Customs and specifics on what will be changing for the data elements. The new process will require you to digitalize your data for fully automated declarations filing.

Watch a teaser of the webinar below.

HubSpot Video


Learn more about the impact of this transition on your business and how DMS will work in real life.

We discussed so you can gain expert insights into:

  • The latest updates from Dutch customs on the transition
  • A deep dive into a selection of the changing data elements
  • The country system changes and wider MASP initiatives
  • The building blocks of CAS, the future of Customs and how this fits into C4T's vision.

Change is always difficult, but our Legal and Customs experts reveal how C4T can help you navigate the latest regulatory changes for import and export to the Netherlands.