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Tue, 17 Apr 2018
Workshop: Hoe de naleving van de douanewetgeving organiseren/verankeren binnen uw bedrijf? Op 14 juni organiseert Agoria een workshop over de organisatie en verankering van…
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Mon, 09 Apr 2018
How to treat empty containers in Belgian maritime ports The directives on how to treat empty containers have been published by the Belgian customs administration.
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Thu, 29 Mar 2018
United States – EU: customs duties on aluminium and steel products On March 26th, 2018, the European Commission initiated a safeguard investigation concerning imports of steel products.
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Mon, 19 Mar 2018
Brexit: the EU and the UK reach a formal agreement on the transition period and on ongoing customs procedures On 19 March 2018, the EU and the UK published a joint, color-coded version of the Draft Withdrawal Agreement. The parts that are highlighted in green indicate the areas in which the two sides have reached a formal agreement; the parts highlighted in yellow identify the provisions in which there is…
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Wed, 14 Mar 2018
United States increases customs duties on aluminium and steel products Beginning of January 2018, the US administration decided to increase customs duties on aluminium and steel products imported from all countries except Canada and Mexico.
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Mon, 12 Mar 2018
The EU sanctions map The EU has put on the internet a tool called “EU sanctions map” which lists all third countries against which the EU has imposed sanctions and embargoes. The tool details for each country the restrictive measures in place and the relevant regulations: users can find the information they need either on …
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Wed, 28 Feb 2018
Brexit: EU Draft Withdrawal Agreement On 28 February 2018, the Commission published a Draft Withdrawal Agreement concerning the Brexit negotiations. According to the Commission, this text translates into legal provisions the commitments that have been agreed between the EU and the UK so far. It covers citizens’ rights, ongoing customs p…
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Thu, 15 Feb 2018
Customs4trade joins EurTradeNet EurTradeNet is the European Alliance of customs-related service providers or CRSPs.
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