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From local clearance to EIDR

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 by Customs 4 Trade

With the application of the UCC, Belgian customs authorities will reassess all the customs authorizations until May 1st, 2019.

The UCC allows economic operators to be authorised to use Entry In the Declarant’s Records (EIDR) to enter certain goods to the customs import procedure at their premises or at another approved location. This is an important simplification at import for economic operators.
The Belgian customs authority is informing the owners of the authorization for the local clearance procedure for goods to be released into free circulation under the Community Customs Code, they will check if the authorization fulfils the conditions provided by article 182 (1) (2) UCC. If the economic operator wants to benefit also to waive the obligation for the goods to be presented to the customs, it has to fulfil also the conditions of paragraph 3 of article 182 UCC.

What can we do for your Company?

Customs4trade experts can support your company in requesting an EIDR authortization or in reassessing the current authorization to comply with the UCC rules.

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