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Proposal for a new definition of exporter

Thu, 25 Jan 2018 by Customs 4 Trade

Commission highlighted that it is necessary to have a new definition of exporter.

The Commission is planning to amend the definition of the exporter of Article 1(19) UCC DA. The requirement that an "exporter" must be established in the EU will most than probably not be amended. However, Commission and Member States think that this definition can be simplified. Moreover, it seems that some Member States experienced difficulties with the use of indirect representation in case where it is the only option for economic operators to secure that an exporter is established in the EU. It was also requested that the definition should be aligned to the EU rules governing dual use goods. To this effect it has been proposed by some Member States to add a paragraph that stipulates that in case where an exporter established in the EU could not be identified it is presumed that the person who lodges the export declaration is the exporter.

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