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The EU has amended the list of dual-use items

Tue, 14 Feb 2017 by Customs 4 Trade

The EU published on the 31st of January a corrigenda to the list of dual-use items of the EU dual-use regulation. The corrigenda is related to two dual-use codes (ECCN), being 3A001.g and 6A003.a.3. The changes concern:

A control parameter for solid-state pulsed power switching thyristor devices and thyristor modules, using either electrically, optically, or electron radiation controlled switch methods. The change involves the reference to the unit of time (microsecond) employed to calculate the maximum turn-on current rate of rise: µs instead of ms. A control parameter for mechanical or electronic streak cameras. The change involves the reference to the unit of time (microsecond) employed to calculate the writing speed.

Further corrections are expected for the dual-use code 5A002. When analyzing the yearly update of Annex I in November 2016, we could evidence a discrepancy in relation to the decontrol note of dual-use code 5A002. The required correction concerns both note E and note H of dual-use code 5A002: these two notes have a referral to the Cryptography Note, and in particular to paragraphs a.2 to a.5 of the Cryptography Note. Nonetheless, the Cryptography Note has only paragraphs from a.1 to a.4: there is no more a paragraph a.5 due to the changes to the EU dual-use Regulation​ occurred in November, 2016.

C4T provides several solutions for export classification, assessments on export controls, requests of export licenses and trainings​. With regard to export classification, Customs4trade can provide a web-based tool to determine the dual-use status of the items, software and technology that EU economic operators wish to export or transfer outside the EU.

For further information about the consultancy services on export controls and the automated solutions for export classifications please refer to our website. If you wish to request a demo of the C4T dual-use tool you may contact us at or (+32) 15 46 08 46.

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