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UCC Implementing Act: amendments

Fri, 16 Jun 2017 by Customs 4 Trade

This week, Regulation (EU) 2017/989 amending some provisions of the UCC Implementing Regulation was published in the Official Journal. The most relevant changes are:

Long-term supplier's declaration: clarification and simplification of the rules for issuing a LTSD (re-introduction of the possibility of issuing at any point in the year a single declaration covering the full calendar year – Art. 62);

Registered Exporter (REX): introduction of a deadline of 31 of December 2017 for approved exporters that are not yet registered in the REX system to make out invoice declarations for the purposes of bilateral cumulation. From 1st January 2018, exporters must be REX registered in order to make such invoice declarations in the framework of CETA, which is expected to enter into provisional application soon.

International Road Transport: increase of the amount to which any guaranteeing association may become liable in relation to a particular international road transport (TIR) operation from EUR 60 000 to EUR 100 000 (Art. 163);

Excise goods: clarification of the rules for designating the customs office of exit in cases of export followed by transit (Art. 329 (8)).

These changes entered into force on 14 June 2017.

It is important that EU exporters register in the REX system in order to avoid losing access to trade preferences in the transition between the approved exporter system and the REX system. You can apply for a REX number by completing this form and sending it to your national customs office.

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