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Webinar Registration Inward Processing


C4T are hosting a series of webinars on the benefits of Special Procedures. With guest speakers from The Bonded Warehousekeepers Association and more to be announced, this series is designed for customs specialists to understand when Special Procedures should be used, and inevitably how they can save on import duties. 

The live sessions are available in English or Dutch*. 

Our webinar series Special Procedures – the secret to duty savings, begins with ‘The Ins and Outs of Inward Processing’ on 26th October, followed by: 

  • How to unlock the benefits of a Customs Warehouse 16th November  
  • Exploit the savings from Return Goods Relief - come back to what you know 14th December 

As economic and geopolitical circumstances become increasingly chaotic across the EU and UK, the importance of mitigating rising prices is even more essential. If you are a manufacturing company importing or exporting raw materials, you are in an excellent position to be eligible for significant relief from customs duty and taxes. Inward Processing (IP) is a Customs Special Procedure designed to provide relief from duties and taxes on goods imported from outside the EU customs territory for manufacturing, processing, or repair.   

What you will learn in part one of this three-part series: 

  • The legal requirements and definition of an Inward Processing authorisation 
  • How IP works in practice
  • How the CAS Special Procedures module automates IP (demo)
  • The cost savings in action – business case  

*Excluding part three which only affects UK imports


October 26th, 2022 14:00 BST


Sam Blakeman-2
Sam Blakeman

Product Marketing Manager, Customs4trade

Wim Verbeeck

Director Technical Sales, Customs4trade

Rudi Du Bois

Director Customs Excellence, Customs4trade

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