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Do you have doubts about your customs compliance? Do you need ad hoc advice on how to handle a difficult situation when importing or exporting? Or maybe you want to put your new global plan to the test? Then talk to our experts. They have the experience and expertise needed to give you valuable advice on how to expand your business. So you can focus on your business goals and leave the paperwork to us. We will dot the i’s and cross the t’s to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


  • We respond fast
  • You have the benefit of 100 years of combined experience
  • You avoid endless hours of pointless research
  • We cover all aspects of customs, trade and export controls
  • Practical relevance above theory

Legal advice – keep out of trouble

Whether you have issues with dual-use classification, obtaining the right certificates, knowing which taxes to pay or how to declare the origin of products, obeying the law can be a full-time job. Are you keen to avoid huge fines and other penalties? Our experts will ensure that your paperwork is in order. If you have any doubts, they can quickly check if you are filling in the right forms and help you avoid trouble.

Financial advice – don’t pay more than you have to

Do you feel weighed down by all the taxes and customs fees? Or do you sometimes simply have no idea where your cash is going? In the complex world of international trade, it is hard to work out how to reduce costs. But you can get your budget back under control by asking our experts for advice. They can tell you if your business processes are bleeding money and how to pinpoint the cause.

Workflow advice – don't waste time at the border

Crossing borders can be a nightmare. Your cargo and people are delayed for reasons beyond your grasp. You lie awake at night because something is slowing down your business, but you can’t figure it out. Sounds familiar? Then hand over your problems to us. A brief conversation with one of our experts could go a long way to resolving any issues. We are confident we can fix any bottlenecks in your workflow.

Innovation advice – do it right, from the start

Save yourself hours of research trying to develop something new. Whether you want to explore a new market or launch a new product, we can help you to cross borders and give advice on rates, exemptions, certificates, origin declarations, etc. Brainstorm on the opportunities your innovation will bring and stay ahead of your competitors. Our experts are on hand to share ideas.

Global trade strategy

The increasing globalization of the world economy and technological changes face companies with major challenges, risks and opportunities. Companies everywhere are wrestling with the strategic and operational implications of managing longer and more complex supply chains that loop across continents and time zones.

At the same time, customs and trade issues are with many companies not considered as ‘core business’. Customs and trade compliance is often outsourced to various service providers. In such a situation, companies may rapidly become ignorant of possibilities to keep duty and compliance cost at minimum levels.

We have the experience and the methodology to help your company in answering the challenges international trade is offering. Based on an analysis of the current and future supply chain and your corporate strategy with respect to logistics and supply chain, customs4trade is formulating and implementing the appropriate customs and trade strategies.
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Driving down duty cost

In a growing global sourcing environment, raw materials or components from outside the EU may be liable to customs duties when importing them into the EU for further processing. Many manufacturers are still not aware about the full scale of possibilities to keep the customs duty cost for the imported materials at the lowest levels. Often, the customs duties are also a hidden cost in the supply chain. We have a vast experience in efficiently analyse your business to identify these hidden costs and drive them down where feasible based on the tools offered in customs legislation, such as:

• classifying products in more favourable tariff headings leading to a lower duty rate;
• making the most of trade preferences in selecting suppliers resulting lower or zero duty rates;
• clearing the customs value basis from non dutiable elements resulting in a lower duty amount;
• using relief schemes such as Inward Processing or End Use to avoid payment of duties under certain conditions;
• applying the duty rate of the finished product in case the duty rate applicable to the finished product is lower than the duty rate of the imported materials;
• applying for a tariff suspension in case the imported material is not sufficiently available in the EU.

Tariff classification

Tariff classification is without doubt one of the corner stones in customs compliance. Tariff classification determines amongst others the applicable duty rate, tariff measures such as import/export restrictions and is also elementary for origin determination.

Our classification serves range from strategic classification of a new product to the management of the classification process of the entire product range as part of outsourced services.

If needed, we conclude rulings (Binding Tariff Information, BTI) with the customs administration to obtain official confirmation about the correct classification.

Customs valuation and transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is an issue which affects every company with international affiliates. Goods moved across international borders and imported from one customs jurisdiction into another are potentially subject to customs duties. In determining the transfer price for such goods, it is highly advisable to give consideration, not only to the international corporate tax implications, but also to the customs duty implications. Careful planning is necessary to achieve intercompany pricing which satisfies the requirements of both the tax and customs authorities without incurring excessive liabilities.


The origin of imported goods can have a considerable impact on the applicable duty rate. If manufactured (substantially processed according to specific conditions) in a country that has a preferential agreement with the importing country, the duty rate is reduced, often to zero.

For companies with goods flows and processing of goods in different countries, setting up and maintaining systems to manage the origin of the goods is inevitable. Automating the origin management is the only solution to avoid the risk of unlawfully issuing origin certificates or origin labelling.

We assist in determining the non-preferential or preferential origin of goods, and assist in setting up the origin management system. Finally, develop the appropriate SOP’s.

Duty reclaims

Under certain conditions an importer may reclaim overpaid duties. Overpaid duties may be caused by errors in the classification of goods, missing preferential origin certificates at the moment of importation, errors in customs valuation etc…
We assist in identifying the duty reclaim opportunity and in drafting the duty reclaim towards the customs authorities taking into account the details of the legal grounding.

Export control compliance

Export controls in the EU are imposed mostly on military equipment and “dual-use” goods, including items which have both civilian and military uses, such as certain computer and telecommunication goods or certain chemical products. For the sensitive dual-use goods and military equipment, export licences are needed to export them outside the EU. Infringements are subject to severe penalties by the authorities.

Furthermore, the US export control legislation also concerns the re-export of US goods and technology from non-US jurisdictions such as the EU. Although the US government cannot enforce its law directly onto non-US entities in the EU, it nevertheless has a range of alternative sanctions at its disposal such as penalisation of related US companies, prohibition of US exports to the entity concerned and prohibition of US government business. In other words, companies should be aware that they need to be compliant with these export control regulations.

We advise companies on export controls, assist in applying for the necessary licences and authorizations and develop internal export control procedures.
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Interim management

We can take responsibility for managing customs and export control issues. We will then act as an interim manager and guide that part of your organisation, affected by new business processes and changing customs and international trade legislation. On demand, customs4trade can also be your partner for outsourcing your customs administration and compliance activities.

Non-tariff measures and labelling

Customs4Trade has extensive expertise on identifying non-tariff barriers which may affect market access such as regulatory and labelling requirements. Our experts can provide your company with a high level overview detailing the non-tariff measures that can negatively affect the market access of your product, and advise you on how to comply with these requirements. Furthermore, Customs4trade can provide you with legal advice regarding the compatibility of these measures with the WTO rules, allowing your company to take the necessary steps to defend its interests.

Excise duties

Today excise duties are still an important revenue for public authorities as they already were for Medieval cities in the Middle Ages. Our consultants’ expertise however dates only back to 1993, the year excise duties legislation got harmonised on EU level. From then on they advised companies such as tobacco manufacturers over breweries and soft drink producers to energy traders and tank terminals on the scope and organisation of their excise compliance.

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