Guidance through the maze of forms and options

Are you worried you might be filling in your authorisation requests incorrectly? Are they taking up too much time? Are you sure you are ticking the right options? To make things easier, we can help you with all kinds of authorisations. Our software can automate procedures to save you time and effort. Our experts monitor all the different forms to see which ones need to be completed and they provide advice on how to streamline your international trade. So opportunities open up for your company to grow.


  • Avoid fines and budgetary disasters
  • Keep up with the latest changes in legislation
  • Save the effort of retraining your employees
  • Instantly access years of experience
  • Avoid wasting time filling out redundant paperwork
  • Ensure the authorisation request fits the business purpose

What types of authorisation and options do you need?

Don’t worry about requesting the right type of authorisation. We have all the expertise you need to make the best decisions for your international trade plan. We will help sort out the right customs authorisations with the options necessary to support your business case.

How do you obtain the authorisation?

Filling in unnecessary forms or failing to complete essential forms costs you time and money. But we can prepare everything for you, fill in each form and advise you on how to comply with the administrative provisions in an efficient and practical way. We go the extra mile to obtain the authorisation requested from the authorities.

Which authorisations are we talking about?

We can assist you in obtaining the following types of authorisation and decisions:

  • EORI
  • Binding Tariff Information (BTI)
  • Binding Origin Information (BOI)
  • Authorised Exporter for simplification of proof of origin
  • Customs valuation rulings
  • Authorisations for simplified declaration procedures, such as Entry in the Declarant’s Records
  • Authorisations for Special Procedures, such as Customs Warehouse, Inward Processing, Outward Processing
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)
  • Dual-use export licences
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