Zero-touch compliance

Boundless growth for your business

CAS software for customs and excise automation helps you run your international trade faster than ever. With zero-touch customs compliance, your business will operate both day and night. Your cargo will never have to wait for the right forms ever again. CAS prevents 99.99% of all potential issues and only alerts you if human intervention is needed.

All changes in legislation are updated instantly, so you can stop worrying about potential errors, administrative fines or worse. There is no need for constant damage control and you are free to focus on making your business grow.

10 times faster

You never have to wait for the right paperwork. All the forms are filled in instantly and information is sent automatically to the people who need it.

10 times more efficient

Think about the cost of manual paperwork, spreadsheets and fines. Now divide by 10. What could you do with all the time and money saved?

Zero errors

No need to worry about legislation and compliance. Your paperwork is automated and flawless. You can now rely on your budget planning and avoid unpleasant surprises.

8 striking features

Designed by experts

Benefits from the experience of both customs and IT experts


Use the modules you need, we do all the technical stuff 24/7/365

Single overview

Centralise all information in real time

Integrate with existing systems

Compatible with all ERP and WMS systems


Implement customs flows and ensure transparency

Scale up as you need

Tailor to your business needs and customs requirements

Act when needed

Ensure exception handling with tasks and alerts

Combine services

Combine CAS modules with C4T outsourcing services

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CAS modules

Our CAS software is modular and consists of the following elements, which you can combine to suit your needs:

Master Data Management

Clean up your existing database, streamline input and share information

Declarations Management

Automate formalities to avoid waiting time for your shipments

Special Procedures

Implement complex inventory-managed customs procedures to save on duty costs

Origin Management

Manage Free Trade Agreements to optimize your trade lanes


Eliminate spreadsheets with our online collaboration tool

Dual Use Classification

Our online questionnaires will save you hours sifting through legislation

Our mode of operation


Together we determine the scope of your project. Based on a few workshops, we audit your needs and create a plan that takes care of everything from quick wins to maintenance. We spell out the whole approach and budget, so you know exactly what to expect.


Put our software to the test. We can set up a fully functional trial within a few days. Together with our IT department, you can push CAS to its limits. Then based on the audit, we recommend modifications to suit your business needs.


We will take on the work you have been postponing for years; clean up your entire database and streamline your procedures. Along the way we will recommend quick improvements that will provide insights and give you full control.

Go live

We configure, refine and streamline CAS to benefit your business growth. We document all roles and tasks along the way and deliver a perfect roles and responsibilities matrix to avoid future discussions. We make sure all your data and operating procedures are integrated.


You can count on us long after the implementation of the software. Our team will keep CAS up and running for you. You can call us for ad hoc advice or use our experts to monitor your process.

Quick ROI

After implementation, you will notice you have

More time

Your firefighting days are over. Instead of constantly running around and setting things right, you have time to focus on your core business and strategy.

More money

Your customs fees are completely in control and unpleasant surprises are avoided. You can fully predict your budget and find ways to save money.

Happier staff

Your staff has to deal with less administration and can work more efficiently. No more frustrations while finding and sharing information. Your teams are truly collaborating.

Happier customs

You make life easier for your customs officer. All paperwork is perfectly in order, which reduces avoidable controls and makes crossing borders more efficient. You will meet nothing but smiling faces. Your AEO authorization is within reach.

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