The IT solution to the Brexit problem - When Customs Geeks Can Save the World


The 1st of January 2021 was seen by many as “Brexit Day” – a day when all customs controls arrived at the UK/EU border like a drawbridge being lifted and a portcullis being lowered. Although in some areas, that description was accurate, in others (on the UK side of the border at least) it was not. The UK Government prioritised movement of goods through the border over declarations and control – these easements end on or soon after the 1st January 2022 – 2022 will be a turbulent time in the customs world – KPMG will today look at what we have seen change and challenge in the last year, what changes are yet to come and how automation and software is the answer to almost any problem….well, customs problems anyway.

Additionally, C4T will demonstrate how its software will handle the pre-lodgement process for RoRo shipments through GB ports that adopted the GVMS system by means of its double filing capability. This functionality enables import declarations to be created from data in the related export declaration and allows filing of GB import declarations before goods leave the EU. This capability can also be used for GB to EU movements.


Tuesday 7 December 2021 | 12:00 pm CET


Rudi Du Bois

Director, Customs & Trade Compliance, Customs4trade

Nicole Ward

Manager, Trade & Customs Practice, KPMG UK

Lorenzo Rossetti

Director, Trade & Customs, KPMG UK