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Automated Filing

C4T automates the filing of import, export, and transit declarations from end to end with our zero-touch customs management solution, CAS.



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A Small Country with a Big Role in Trade

Not only is Belgium home to the global headquarters of the World Customs Organisation (WCO), it places in the top 20 countries in the world for both imports and exports and is strategically located in the heart of the EU, making it a vital country for transit and distribution. C4T’s roots in Belgian Customs run deep: our founder is the former officer of Administration for Belgian Customs, our headquarters are located in beautiful Mechelen, and we are deeply entrenched in the customs domain, partnering with WCO Academy to impart the latest knowledge on the ever-changing world of customs. 

Belgium is also the birthplace of CAS, our centralised, collaborative platform designed to automate regional and worldwide customs declarations quickly and accurately, future-proofing your customs compliance. A CAS subscription combined with our Managed Customs Services for declarations is about half the cost of collaborating with customs brokers. Do you want to save costs while increasing efficiency?


E-globalisation is a UCC procedure that has been put into action in Belgium. It allows companies to consolidate their Entry in the Declarant’s Records (EiDR) messages on either a weekly or monthly basis instead of having to send every declaration per transaction. While “globalisation” has existed for a while, it is now being replaced with e-globalisation, which requires electronic filing. Using e-globalisation, goods can move without waiting for a release message from customs, saving you heaps of time in the declaration process, however some authorisations may need to be obtained first. Our experts can help you assess your processes to determine whether e-globalisation can simplify your customs clearance.

Watch our free webinar recording to find out:

  • What e-globalisation is and who is impacted

  • How it works in theory and in practice

  • How  automated e-globalisation is included in CAS

DigiChambers for Certificates of Origin (CoO)

C4T and DigiChambers share the belief that a digital-first approach isn’t just the future—it’s already upon us. That’s why we partnered to implement the first API-driven Certificates of Origin. Each export declaration triggers a CoO to be created and submitted to DigiChambers for approval. Then, the CoO is attached to the declaration, providing proof of non-preferential origin.

Customs Clearance for Agri-Food

On the EU-level, TRACES NT centralises Certificates Of Inspection for organic products (COI), phytosanitary certificates, FLEGT licenses and Common Health Entry Documents for Plants and Plant products (CHED-PP). While integration is not available from TRACES NT, C4T’s Managed Customs Services can support the interaction with TRACES NT for seamless customs clearance.


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Faster Filing for Imports, Exports, and Transit

With one single message, CAS simultaneously files an export declaration from the country of departure and an import declaration in the country of destination, combined with transit to ensure frictionless border crossing. In the background, our Legal Content team keeps CAS up to date with all the latest legislation for each country so you can rest assured your shipments will clear customs with the proper documentation.

Go Beyond Compliance

CAS is built modularly, allowing you to start with Declarations functionality for immediate administrative cost savings and scale with value-added modules including Insights,  Special ProceduresMaster Data, and Origin Management that provide visibility into the totality of your customs operations and help reduce duty costs. Learn more about how CAS can help you join the next generation of customs.  

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Did You Know?

In August 2021, Belgian customs officers arrested 45 people as part of the country's biggest cigarette counterfeiting operation. More than 400 million illegal cigarettes were seized by Belgian customs in 2020, compared to 110 million in 2018. 

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