With supply chain issues dominating the news, investors are taking a close look at digital solutions like CAS that reduce bottlenecks in international trade, support supply chain resiliency, and help companies gain a competitive advantage.



Company Overview

About Customs4trade

Customs4trade’s (C4T) unique team of customs experts and best-of-breed technology engineers has developed CAS, a one-of-a-kind software solution for customs and trade compliance. They have added Managed Customs Services to their product offering, helping companies make the most of their software investment.

CAS is a collaborative hub, built on the Microsoft Azure platform and delivered as a service (SaaS). It is designed to manage regional and worldwide customs and trade compliance quickly and accurately, within one single platform. CAS provides customers with continual updates and feature enhancements, including the incorporation of any changes to legislation and compliance regulation—along with Azure’s signature accessibility, scalability, and security. By automating import and export processes, customers are able to shrink logistics timeframes, reduce customs duty and administration costs, and gain strategic visibility into their customs operations.

Forward-thinking companies are turning to C4T to help them navigate customs and trade with native-cloud software and managed services for their organisation’s highest strategic benefit.

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