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White papers

Looking for more information on customs and trade regulations? Our white papers are freely available to you.

Revolutionising Excise Management

Download our free whitepaper to discover the nature and significance of excise goods, the complexities that customs professionals often encounter and the available solutions to overcoming the challenges.
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A Guide to Optimising International Customs and Trade Compliance

Download our free whitepaper on SaaS Customs Compliance Management, which examines different options for handling customs and trade and cost comparisons.
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MASP – De digitale toekomst van douanemanagement

In het Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) zijn nieuwe beleidslijnen vastgelegd. Papieren douaneprocedures moeten tegen medio 2025 volledig vervangen zijn.
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MASP - The Digital Future of Customs

The EU Multi-Annual Strategic Plan for electronic Customs (MASP-C) sets forth a plan to replace paper-based customs procedures in all Member States by 2025
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Special Procedures: Your insider guide to minimising duty costs

Download our free whitepaper on how to manage the complexities of Special Procedures to facilitate trade and save on duty costs of imported goods.
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Self-filing vs Representation

Download our free whitepaper to discover the cost comparison of using a customs intermediary versus a digital software solution like CAS.
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Returned Goods Relief

Learn about Returned Goods Relief (RGR). Discover how your business can benefit from re-importing goods into the EU without customs duty and VAT.
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Save costs while storing your goods with Customs Warehousing

Read our latest whitepaper to discover how you can benefit from reduced duty savings with customs warehousing when importing goods from outside the UK.
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Bijzondere douaneregelingen: uw insidergids

Veel landen bieden de mogelijkheid om douanerechten te schorsen of op te heffen door gebruik te maken van bijzondere douaneregelingen.
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The C4T Ultimate Guide to the CDS Data Elements

Ease the transition from CHIEF to CDS for UK customs with this ultimate guide to the CDS data elements.
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The Ins and Outs of Inward Processing

Understand the significant duty savings from using Inward Processing
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De ins en outs van actieve veredeling

Ontdek de significante besparingen op invoerrechten door gebruik te maken van actieve of passieve veredeling
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