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Looking for more information on customs and trade regulations? Our white papers are freely available to you. 

MASP - The Digital Future of Customs

The EU Multi-Annual Strategic Plan for electronic Customs (MASP-C) sets forth a plan to replace paper-based customs procedures in all Member States by 2025
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The C4T ultimate guide to the new CDS data elements

Ease the transition from CHIEF to CDS for UK customs with this ultimate guide to the CDS data elements.
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Special Procedures: Your Insider Guide

Download our free whitepaper on how to manage the complexities of Special Procedures to facilitate trade and save on duty costs of imported goods.
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Logistics providers: simplifying customs clearance in the supply chain

Discover how leading logistics providers are automating the customs declaration process to manage high volumes and provide a better customer experience.
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Optimise Customs Operations with Advanced Insights & Analytics

This whitepaper addresses challenges posed by a lack of visibility of customs data and presents opportunities to make customs organisations more strategic.
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Border Operating Model: A simplified guide to the UK's Border model

This whitepaper offers a simplified guide to navigating the UK Border Operating Model & an updated timeline of new border controls take effect post-Brexit.
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Customs Brokers or Software Solution?

Download our free whitepaper to discover the cost comparison of using customs brokers versus a digital software solution like CAS.
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A Guide to Optimising International Customs and Trade Compliance

Download our free whitepaper on SaaS Customs Compliance Management, which examines different options for handling customs and trade and cost comparisons.
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