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Blogs | 30 November 2022

Growth in Customs SaaS Sector | Blog | Customs4trade

Customs solutions provider Customs4trade NV (C4T) announces a new CEO and two key executive appointments as it strengthens its management to take advantage of accelerating growth in the UK and across Europe.

30th November 2022, Mechelen, Belgium

Customs4Trade, one of Europe’s leading SaaS platforms for customs management solutions, has strengthened its management team with the appointment of Rupert Spiegelberg as its new CEO. Rupert Spiegelberg will lead the team and is joined by Chief Revenue Officer Jo Buvens and Chief Product and Technology Officer Oliver Conze, to drive C4T management and its digital platform CAS in a new direction to accelerate growth in 2023.

Spiegelberg succeeds Pieter Haesaert, who founded C4T together with Ilse Vermeersch as a customs consultancy in 2004 before developing the CAS platform ten years later. Founders Pieter Haesaert and Ilse Vermeersch will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operational management and strategy of C4T, but remain invested in the company as shareholders together with 83North, Hi Inov, 42CAP and 10X Group. Werner Koninckx will represent the founders in the board. Werner is chairman of 3E and DeltaQ and has extensive experience in scaling SaaS businesses.

“We are extremely proud of all the C4T’ers and our partners who have been relentlessly contributing to the progress we made at C4T the last years”, Haesaert and Vermeersch said. “We thank our clients and partners for the trust they put in our hands to service them in the complex and time critical world of customs compliance. C4T is now with CAS in a fantastic position to take advantage of all the changes in the customs world that we will see in coming years.”

Spiegelberg is a 20-year veteran of SaaS (Software as a Service) scale-up businesses in the UK, mainland Europe and the US. He is joined by Buvens as CRO, formerly Salesforce’s Regional Vice President and Country Leader for Belgium and Luxembourg, and by Oliver Conze as Chief Product and Technology Officer. Conze has spent 15 years at SAP – most recently as the German technology giant’s Chief Product Officer for Marketing Cloud.

“C4T is leading the way in driving down costs, speeding up turnaround times for UK and European importers and exporters and simplifying the hugely complex world of online customs management,” said Spiegelberg. “In taking up the role to lead C4T’s ‘A-team’ of technology experts, I will support their tireless dedication to transform our company into a champion of the sector. We will help our customers go beyond compliance to make customs and trade a strategic component of their growth.”

C4T, whose CAS digital platform manages more than one hundred thousand customs declarations every month for major brands, delivers to customers the benefits of the increased digitisation of the customs sector as national governments across Europe move to upgrade customs systems over the course of the next couple of years.

L to R – Jo Buvens, Chief Revenue Officer, Rupert Spiegelberg, CEO, Oliver Conze, Chief Product & Technology Officer


Notes for Editors

About Customs4trade (C4T)

C4T has a unique team of best-of-breed technology engineers and has developed CAS, a one-of-a-kind software solution for customs and trade compliance. Managed Customs Services have been added to this product offering, helping companies make the most of their software investment.

CAS is a collaborative hub, built on the Microsoft Azure platform and delivered as a service (SaaS). It is designed to manage regional and worldwide customs and trade compliance quickly and accurately, within one single platform. CAS provides customers with continual updates and feature enhancements, including the incorporation of any changes to legislation and compliance regulation—along with Azure’s signature accessibility, scalability, and security.

Forward-thinking companies are turning to C4T to help them navigate customs and trade with native-cloud software and managed services for their organisation’s highest strategic benefit.  

For more information or to contact the company, please visit    

C4T employs about 100 people in Mechelen, Belgium and Wigan, UK and has raised funding from European venture capital companies 83 North, Hi Inov and 42 Cap.

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