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Overcome the challenging variations between countries and disconnected local solutions with a single, centralised platform to manage international customs and trade. 

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When Honda leadership decided on one side to expand its trade flows and on the other side to optimise administration and customs duties by insourcing, it went for CAS in the UK. This allowed Honda not only to achieve their goals, but also to execute faster without expanding the internal team.

Shaun Hall
Customs and International Trade Manager - Honda Motor Europe

Meet CAS

Designed by and for customs professionals, CAS is the solution you’ve been looking for to simplify customs management. With CAS, you can consolidate all of your cross-border trade into one system, allowing you to bring customs in-house and save up to 90% on administration and duty costs with more savings possible through process optimisation. Customs authorities worldwide have digital agendas. Be prepared with a multi-country digital solution. 


CAS is a SaaS solution designed to simplify customs management for companies of all sizes. Start with the functionality that will provide your company with the most immediate value and add on modules as you grow to optimise your customs operations. Our customs experts can help you determine the best combination to provide the quickest return on investment.

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