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CAS: Our Automated Customs Clearance Software

CAS is composed of several modules that can be used in combination or as a standalone solution. Choose the price plan that best matches your volumes and the customs processes you use.

Our three-tiered pricing along with our modular approach allows you to land and expand, starting with the functionality that will add the most value and optimising as you grow.


Bridging the gap between businesses and customs authorities

Designed to simplify customs management for multinational companies, C4T's Customs Accounting System (CAS), is a comprehensive solution that automates customs and trade compliance processes. Start with the functionality that will provide your company with the most immediate automation, value and add-on modules as you grow to optimise your customs operations. Our customs experts can help you determine the best combination to provide the quickest return on investment.

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What our customers have to say

"CAS has already generated significant savings in terms of administration and customs duties for our Inward Processing (IPR) flow, we were confident that CAS could realise great things for our Customs Warehouse project as well."

Shaun Hall
Customs and International Trade Manager - Honda Motor Europe

"We want our customers to have a broad range of products, and not be restricted by the range Aldi can offer due to customs limitations. CAS allows us to offer a huge range of products due to the speed at which declarations can be processed."

Lizzy Prescott
NSCM Manager, Aldi
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"CAS is not only crucial to Agristo’s ongoing support of its export markets, which account for 95% of its revenue, it also proved to be an effective information hub to help them achieve AEO certification, expediting their international movement of goods and giving them a competitive advantage."

Carmen Wallays
Procurement & Logistics Director - Agristo

"We knew from our experience working with C4T previously that their knowledge in the customs field is unparalleled, which gave us confidence in their solution"

Ellen Spruyt
Business Analyst - Reynaers Aluminium

"Automating our customs declarations has helped us expedite import, export, and transit between the EU and UK as well as incoming shipments from the US to our warehouse in Belgium."

Alexandre Dumont de Chassart
Director of Operations - Europe
Saving you time and peace of mind

Automated customs clearance for the digital age



Transform your supply chain by optimising and automating your customs operations. Designed by and for customs professionals, our digital-first approach streamlines and automates the entire customs process and makes compliance convenient and straightforward. Anticipate potential challenges and identify new opportunities to operate more efficiently.

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Industry Insights

Save up to 90% on customs administration

Drive down costs, manage local, regional, and worldwide customs and speed up turnaround times for UK and European importers and exporters. All within one single platform.