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Easy Integration with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

What are APIs?

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, allow information and functionality to be shared between software applications with no human intervention required. CAS APIs use webhooks to deliver real-time data and updates to CAS so you are always informed.  The Authorisation and Ingest APIs are necessary for data exchange with CAS while the Notification and Declaration APIs provide value-added services, keeping your systems in sync real-time and proactively alerting you about actionable tasks. 

APIs are the quickest and easiest way to integrate your WMS or ERP system with CAS.

Part of managing your customs operations includes connecting your WMS or ERP system to your customs software. C4T offers three ways to connect to CAS, however the quickest and easiest is via API.

We keep things simple with just four APIs:

  • Authorisation API, which produces authorisation tokens that will be used by external applications to access our APIs. This authenticates you as a user and is a mandatory first step for using CAS APIs. 

  • Ingest API, which makes it possible to ingest data into CAS. For example, you can transfer the shipment information directly from your ERP/WMS system into CAS using the Ingest API integration. This API also supports master data, certificate of origin data, material lists or formulas for Special Procedures, and stock movements.

  • Notification API, which is an optional, value-added API that allows your systems to subscribe or unsubscribe to notifications. These notifications provide feedback and status updates on shipments to your system or your appointed 3rd party service provider, giving you real-time visibility into items that require action, such as customs errors, physical controls, and document controls so your shipments are not delayed. The Notification API allows you track the status of each shipment as well as the calculation of duties in your own system as well as CAS.

  • Declaration API, which is an optional, value-added API that gathers information from customs systems including duty information documents, e.g., EAD, TSAD and declaration details, e.g., MRNs, and transmits it to your system or to your appointed 3rd party service provider. This automated data sharing ensures that all parties have the information they need.  


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