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United Kingdom, European Union
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This meat producer is a leading provider throughout the EU and the UK. The family-owned business processes more than 20 million kilograms of meat a year.

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When the advent of Brexit put a stop to free circulation of goods between the EU and the UK, the meat producer outsourced their customs formalities to brokers. This third-party intervention was adding up to a day to their transport time to the EU, reducing the shelf life of their meat. In addition, without any entities in the EU, they were unable to offer the Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Incoterm® and were reliant on their EU customers to handle import declarations. The combination of reduced shelf life and the inability to assume responsibility for their goods until they arrived at their destination was compromising their ability to remain competitive. They wanted to bring their customs operations in-house, however they had no resident customs expertise.

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The company contacted C4T seeking faster customs clearance and more control over their shipments. With Easter fast approaching, they were eager to onboard with CAS quickly. Simultaneously, they were working on establishing an entity in France so they could handle both import and export declarations in-house and offer the DDP Incoterm® to their EU customers. C4T’s customs experts helped them apply for the authorisations they needed for filing import declarations in France.

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CAS’s single message, double filing feature now allows the wholesaler to file their export declarations from the UK and import declarations to France simultaneously, with one single message. With expedited customs clearance using CAS and the ability to offer the DDP Incoterm®, they have reclaimed their position as a leading provider of quality meat to the EU.

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