Isuzu - SAP Integration

United Kingdom, Belgium
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Isuzu Motors Europe NV imports and exports parts and accessories for commercial vehicles, pickup trucks, industrial and marine engines. Prior to contacting Customs4trade (C4T), Isuzu Motors Europe had no internal customs team and was working with customs brokers to manage their import/export operations. However, this minimised their control and visibility and left them dependent on external service providers.

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Isuzu Motors Europe engaged C4T to perform a customs audit. With an eye toward moving customs operations internally, they purchased CAS, C4T’s SaaS solution, to automate customs compliance. The CAS Customer Support team worked in tandem with Isuzu Motors Europe’s tech team to integrate CAS with their SAP system and launch the application for internal use.

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  • Increased visibility and control

  • In-house customs team 

  • Automation of customs processes

  • Assured compliance

  • Administrative cost saving

With CAS, Isuzu was able to transform the time-critical customs declaration processes of its Europe Distribution Center from a costly outsourced effort into an internally managed, seamless flow that accelerates the process and gives them full visibility.
Pieter Haesaert
CEO - Customs4trade

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