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Yakima Chief is a 100% grower-owned network of family hops farms based in the US, Belgium, and Hong Kong. Their aim is to connect family farms with the world’s finest brewers, providing the highest quality hops products along with resources for brewer success.



Yakima Chief’s vision of being the global hops supplier of choice is contingent upon fluid and efficient customs operations to consistently supply hops to their customers. Yakima Chief was using agents and customs brokers to lodge declarations on their behalf. To maintain their commitment to customer service, Yakima Chief felt it was time to move on to the digital era and, with the assistance of KPMG, set out to find a solution that fits their needs now and in the future. They were looking for a quick, low-effort transition away from spreadsheet management.

By combining our expertise and experience, KPMG and C4T were able to quickly and smoothly transition Yakima Chief to CAS—a digital customs management solution that will scale as they grow. This is yet another example of how KPMG and C4T’s combined offerings can help customers gain a competitive advantage by shoring up their customs operations and bringing them in-house.
Frederik Cappelle
Customs, Excise & International Trader Services, KPMG
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After just a few meetings and a demo session, Yakima Chief was convinced that CAS is a technology that will introduce immediate customs efficiencies and grow with them to support other functionalities and procedures in the future. As a pilot project, they opted to first implement the Declarations module in Belgium. KPMG and C4T joined forces to onboard Yakima Chief in less than two months, with KPMG managing data gathering and review of authorisations, valuation, etc. while C4T worked in parallel, configuring CAS, testing flows, and training Yakima Chief users.



As a result of Yakima Chief’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, they have now implemented a fully automated declarations system in Belgium using CAS. They released their first shipment on June 1, 2021. In addition, they are leveraging CAS to manage:
  • transfer flows from their old Customs Warehouse (CWH) to their new one
  • incoming shipments from the mother company in the US to their BE CWH
  • direct shipments to large breweries with their own CWH
  • outbound flows to EU customers
  • export and transit flows outside the EU
  • imports to the UK
Automating our customs declarations has helped us expedite import, export, and transit between the EU and UK as well as incoming shipments from the US to our warehouse in Belgium. The quick onboarding provided by KPMG and C4T allowed us to rapidly leverage CAS to gain efficiencies and streamline customs management, accelerating our time to value.
Alexandre Dumont de Chassart
Director of Operations - Europe

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