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Blogs | 3 January 2024

Manage your customs documentation for air transport with CAS, connected to CCS-UK

When importing or exporting goods via air cargo, you need to submit customs documentation to and receive responses from the customs authorities, just like when you are importing and exporting via road or sea transport. To be able to submit and receive your customs formalities for air transport, you need to use CCS-UK, the UK’s electronic air cargo community that connects airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, hauliers, and HMRC/CDS. CCS-UK facilitates the sharing of information that’s essential to the efficient movement of the UK’s air exports and imports. To lodge your declaration via CCS-UK, you need a CCS-UK agreement (like a badge) and customs management software that is connected to CDS.

air cargo CCS UK

CAS, our customs automation solution, has achieved accreditation to connect to CDS through CCS-UK, which allows you to process your customs declarations via air transport using CAS. This way, you can easily get your air shipments sent through and released. We enabled the CCS-UK connection for imports and exports. No need for separate systems anymore for your road, sea, or air transport. You can now manage all aspects of customs clearance efficiently within CAS, providing a centralised view of your entire logistics operations.

We ensure that businesses using CAS are well-prepared for comprehensive customs management across all modes of transportation. Get in touch to discover how we can assist you with customs management for air transport.

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