Brexit: The Time Has Come

Customs declarations, rules of origin checks, product safety certificates, and transportation paperwork are required at the border and new authorisations are necessary.

zero tariff & zero quotas Brexit deal was reached  at the eleventh hour and the United Kingdom and the European Union agreed to an unprecedented 100% tariff liberalisation under the EU-UK Trade & Cooperation Agreement.

Nevertheless, customs formalities now apply for bilateral imports, exports, and goods in transit. Temporary measures will allow for a staged transition before full UK border controls are implemented on July 1, 2022. 

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Now that the much anticipated advent of Brexit is a reality, the movement of goods, people, and capital between the UK and the EU are subject to customs formalities just like any other third country. Customs declarations, rules of origin checks, product safety certificates, and transportation paperwork are required at the border and new authorisations are necessary. Formalities will take place in phases, with full controls entering into force on 1 July 2022.

Minimise Delays with Zero-Touch Customs Compliance

Many economic operators were not fully prepared to complete the required customs formalities by the 1 January 2021 deadline, causing delays at the border. C4T’s Customs Accounting System (CAS) automatically generates UK customs declarations to be sent to the customs authorities with the click of a button. As declarations are automatically generated, trucks are released faster at the borders, drastically reducing waiting times and minimising delays. Manual interactions are only needed in case of exceptions, allowing your customs team to focus on growing the business instead of fire-fighting to resolve errors. Our customs compliance solution  manages all legal requirements for you, so you are always up to date, without the hassle of continuously following the news.

CAS is already compatible with CHIEF, the UK customs authorities' system, and has single message/double filing functionality. With one single message, CAS simultaneously addresses export customs formalities from the country of departure (UK or EU) and import formalities in the country of destination (UK or EU), combined with transit to ensure frictionless border crossing. 


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CAS is integrated with UK, Belgian, Dutch, French, Swiss, Irish, and German customs authorities as well with customs brokers globally. These integrations make CAS the only customs platform you need, taking care of your customs formalities by either filing them directly to the respective customs authority or by providing the information to a customs broker who will finalise the filing process. You will get an overview of all customs formalities lodged, independent of import/export country,  incorporated into the dashboards and analytics available through our Insights module.

Border Operating Model: A simplified guide to the UK's Border Model

An overview of the 200-page document published by the UK Government, with guidance on how the border with the EU will work after the transition period.

Save Costs

CAS will help you save costs by:

  1. automating your UK customs declarations.

  2. standardising processes for greater efficiency.

  3. optimising customs processes such as Special Procedures for significant savings on customs duty.

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Our in-house customs experts can help you:

  • define your flows to and from the UK.

  • distinguish flows by transport mode, e.g., accompanied truck, unaccompanied, container, and ports of entry/exit.

  • quantify those flows.

  • efficiently manage your customs processes.

  • onboard with CAS to automate your customs procedures from end to end,  sharing data with customs authorities, business partners, and Port Community Systems.

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