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Our online solution for 
export control classification

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The CAS Dual Use Classification Tool for export controls is a user-friendly module designed to assist the staff responsible for classifying dual-use items, R&D projects, or any other classification requirement.

The Dual Use Tool guides users through questionnaires in an automatic workflow, fluidly moving them through a decision tree of questions and producing classification results that are housed within a centralised platform and can be shared throughout the organisation. 

Questions are based on the export controls’ legal framework and worded in such a way that no legal knowledge is required—users must simply be familiar with the item or technology to be classified or should have access to this information. 

DUAL USE 1 - v1

Key benefits

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1. Traceability & auditability

Track the answers to the Dual Use questionnaires easily with user and date stamp information.

2. Guaranteed compliance

Demonstrate guaranteed export control compliance at any point in time with on-demand reports and logs, mitigating risks regarding incorrect goods classification.

3. Easy access

Access the SaaS system securely from a browser with SSL certificates. No installation needed.

4. Time saving

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets or Word documents. The Dual Use Tool automatically compiles answers and can be used by multiple users in different locations at the same time.

5. Visibility

Get instant status reports and gain insights into the completed questionnaires across all operations and countries.

How it works

Delegate classifications to product experts. CAS has all the legal knowledge built in.

The CAS Dual Use Tool allows Compliance Managers to assign classification tasks to product experts without the worry that they are unfamiliar with the legal framework—we’ve built it all in.  Managers can create users within a few seconds and, from there, the tool will guide them through each step.

Users automatically receive an invitation to begin the assessment, which includes the URL to access the tool as well as individualised credentials. Once logged in, users can choose the questionnaire they want to work on by selecting the relevant checkboxes. The tool then guides the user through a succession of questions, each based on the result of the previous answer, following a decision-tree structure compliant with export controls’ legal framework for classification. Some questions require ticking a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ box while others present multiple-choice descriptions. For specific questions, official technical notes are available by clicking the information icon.

Questionnaires are auto-saved and may be resumed and completed at a later time. Finished questionnaires will result in a classification of ‘no dual use item,’ ‘dual use item,’ or the request to contact the Compliance Manager. The outcome of the questionnaires can be accessed by the Compliance Manager at any time and reports with details of the decision path can be easily shared within your organisation or with business partners and third parties via built-in email functionality.

Since the Export Controls Compliance Program may require companies to demonstrate when and by whom the assessment of the projects and/or dual use items has been executed, the tool allows for the addition of the name or internal reference date of the project to the report. Furthermore, a log file will be available for the internal Export Controls Coordinator with details of which users have completed which questionnaire and when.

Upon request, C4T’s experts can assist in reviewing survey results and/or applying for export licenses.

DUAL USE 2 - v1

DUAL USE 3 - v1










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Main Features

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Our online classification questionnaires will save you hours sifting through legislation.

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“Customs4trade is an excellent service provider for our company. They have succeeded in creating a specific tool to assist us in the certification process. The tool facilitates the self-assessment in a structured and manageable way.”

Rik Legrand, Business Process Consultant and Responsible Hardware Change Management, Atos Worldline

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Increase traceability and auditability with C4T’s Dual Use Classification Tool.

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