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An innovative solution for customs
managers designed by customs experts


C4T’s Customs Accounting System (CAS) is a comprehensive solution that automates customs and trade compliance processes.
It is a centralised, collaborative hub designed to manage regional or worldwide customs and trade compliance quickly and accurately, within one single platform. It supports sharing and synchronization of processes between business partners and via Port Community Systems.

CAS has a laser-like focus on data, since it is ubiquitous and key to generating the insights and perspective you need to improve your business. The ability to centralise information, structure large volumes of raw data, generate valuable reports, and share it all with other stakeholders is one of CAS’ strengths.

To make CAS future-proof, we are investing in machine learning to increase accuracy and efficiency. The more data you enter into CAS, the smarter the system becomes. 

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Key benefits

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1. Continuity
Stay up and running 24x7, 365 days a year—guaranteed.

2. Strategy
Deliver strategic insights and a clear view of operations by having all data, flows, costs, and statuses in one
single place.

3. Compliance
Say goodbye to costly surprises. C4T continually updates legislation and compliance information so your paperwork sails through every time.

4. Cost Savings
Save money and accelerate your time to market with automation, centralisation, and the ability to bring your
customs and trade functionsin-house.

5. Easy adoption & fast onboarding
Get up and running quickly with RESTful APIs and an intuitive User Interface.  Our fast onboarding process allows you to be up and running within days.


Dashboards-Reporting Visibility

Get insights you never had before with an intuitive dashboard that provides a consolidated, real-time overview across all operations. Monitor your core KPIs and steer your business to success.

SaaS Solution (1) Saas Solution

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model does away with all operational complexity, seamlessly delivering the latest features and functionality. CAS easily integrates with existing ERP or WMS systems via RESTful APIs.

Modular Modular

Activate the functional modules you need now and expand later as your business grows. CAS is built modularly for maximum flexibility.

Scalability Scalability

Scale your business needs and customs requirements as needed. You can easily expand or reduce your capacity as resources and regions shift.

Compliance_document Compliance

Leave the details to us. Your legal and compliance requirements will always be up to date in the system, guaranteed. 

Validation (1) Validation

Validation rules ensure accurate ingestion and input of data. Exceptions trigger notifications for rapid remediation.

Multi-country Multi-country

Expand at will. CAS applies different customs procedures across the various countries your business is active in to assure compliance.

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Do you want to take charge of your customs & trade management?

Cut the red tape and automate your international trade, from declarations to stock management and administration. Avoid errors, fines, delays and inefficiency with CAS.
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“CAS integrates with SAP to automate our customs processes and keep us fully compliant with customs legal requirements. We have now built up our customs knowledge internally and handle all customs declarations and obligations in-house. This gives us full control over the process and visibility into our imports and exports. We are also realizing considerable administrative cost savings. Next, we will be turning to C4T to help us prepare for the challenges Brexit will pose. The UK is a very important market for us.”

Dirk De Maeyer, Manager Logistics, Isuzu Motors Europe NV

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Automate your customs and trade processes with CAS and go beyond compliance.

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