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The changes in customs law due to Brexit stand to have a significant impact on Honda Motor Europe, however our partnership with Customs4trade has allowed us to prepare in advance. They have helped make us “Brexit Ready” by expanding the UK import/export customs logic in CAS, which will, together with their Special Procedures Module for Customs Warehousing, increase our cash flow optimisation for future EU imports into the UK.
Shaun Hall
Customs and International Trade Manager - Honda Motor Europe
Brexit approved transition period -1


Upon the UK’s exit from the European Union they will be removed from the previous Single European Authorisation, requiring Honda Motor Europe to obtain a new authorisation to operate their Customs Warehouse in the UK.

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The Special Procedures module in CAS, of which Customs Warehouse is one part, automates customs declarations to and from Honda’s UK Customs Warehouse. This allows them to keep track of their customs stock, track movements for reporting to the Customs Administration, and optimise customs duty costs. Their Item Master Data in CAS is fully in sync with internal ERP systems and commodity codes get a TARIC check on daily base in order to ensure full legal compliance. The CAS solution allows Honda to manage declarations using an exception-based approach and only take action on the specific subset of customs declarations that need special attention.

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  • Increased cash flow optimisation

  • Reporting functionality to increase visibility and control

  • Flexibility and scalability in case of changes in the goods supply chain

  • FTA preferential rates are applied automatically

  • Limited set of information needed in order to release into free circulation (necessary data is deducted from Inbound shipment)

  • Self-configurable decision tables to calculate customs value parameters

Since CAS has already generated significant savings in terms of administration and customs duties for our Inward Processing (IPR) flow, we were confident that CAS could realise great things for our Customs Warehouse project as well.
Shaun Hall
Customs and International Trade Manager - Honda Motor Europe

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