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Multinational retail companies already deal with dozens of suppliers, each with their own processes and software platforms. With the added disruption of Brexit-related measures, navigating the supply chain became even more complex. 

In this case, the retailer's suppliers and platforms were scattered geographically across the UK and the EU and there was no centralised source for customs knowledge. This often resulted in insufficient data quality, long lead times, and lack of continuity in fulfilling customs requirements.

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With sweeping legal changes and additional requirements for cross-border trade, ensuring a constant flow of goods post-Brexit was this company's biggest priority. 

At the same time, they wanted to gain more control over their supply chain and customs activities by implementing standard processes across all suppliers and platforms. The company envisioned building a “Single Ecosystem – Single Process (SESP)” for UK suppliers moving goods to Ireland. Their vision was to enable EU suppliers to import goods into their UK customs warehouse and support the re-export from the UK’s customs warehouse to Ireland—yet they had little experience in the domain. 

A final attention point was the standardisation of customs declarations processes to optimise efficiencies and reduce customs duty costs. 

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C4T worked in partnership with the retailer to implement CAS, a centralised, digital customs control tower, along with standard ways of working across all suppliers in the UK and the EU. The CAS Declarations and Special Procedures modules support the retailer's declaration process in multiple countries from end to end, including customs warehousing procedures, mitigating complexities while optimising customs duty savings.


Customs formalities can now be managed from any location using a single platform, significantly increasing efficiency and reducing lead time for all parties involved (warehouses, suppliers, logistics, the retailer, and its partners). CAS enabled the retailer to meet compliance deadlines associated with Brexit. At the same time, they:

  • created a lean, automated supply chain,

  • decreased their costs per declaration by 97%,

  • reduced lead times from hours to minutes, and

  • increased their compliance levels.

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