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Accelerate logistics by digitising Customs Operations

For a logistics service provider, we understand that you need to deliver frictionless import and export services to your customers, providing a customs control tower that removes the guesswork and replicates necessary data and processes for a lighter lift. 

CAS solves all these problems, giving customers a real-time view of where goods are in the customs process at any time or place along the journey. Share information across the supply chain and make the customer’s life easier and the flow of goods faster. 

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Customs obstacles

Differentiate your business

Non-standardised processes

Reliance on customers to provide the correct data for customs clearance can result in a lot of back-and-forth, wasting time and causing delays. Customers often just “throw data over the fence” and your team may only have localised knowledge, making it difficult to provide the service needed to move the shipment forward. 

Handoffs between local logistics providers 

Without any type of automation of customs formalities, you are spending time on repetitive processes that could be easily avoided with a customs management solution—and this is cutting into your margins daily.


Multiple countries with local systems 

If you are a logistics provider operating in multiple countries, you face additional difficulties, including interfacing with multiple local providers, local software solutions, or customs brokers to solicit data from each customer.

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Logistics providers: the role of digital customs clearance in a customer-focused supply chain

Our whitepaper addresses the common challenges encountered by logistics providers regarding customs clearance, how digitising customs operations using a single, centralised platform can accelerate logistics and boost business, and what to look for in a solution that will deliver the greatest value in the long term.  

Envision a customs control tower 

Creating a customs control tower allows you, as a service provider, to better engage with customers and build loyalty.  


Multi-country coverage


Quickly adapt to regulatory changes


Easily move between import and export files


Secure, cloud-native solution


Data insights sharing


Expedite Customs processing

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Save up to 90% on customs administration

Drive down costs, manage local, regional, and worldwide customs and speed up turnaround times for UK and European importers and exporters. All within one single platform.