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Gain insight for decisions

You have a lot on your plate. The legislation keeps changing, some administrative issues are holding your business back, but new opportunities are opening up and the next innovation wave is keeping you awake at night… We can help you get to grips on your administrative burden. Together with you, we prepare everything needed to advance your company. We can make sure you are ready for a governance audit, obtain the right certifications and streamline your process for international trade, according to the latest legal possibilities and restrictions.


  • Avoid fines and budgetary disasters
  • Quantify duty savings
  • Identify administrative improvements
  • Get the management recommendations you need to grow
  • Know the impact of legal changes on your organisation
  • Gain insight into best practices

Start with a quick scan

Do you want to know whether your company is running compliance risks or missing opportunities for duty savings? We have a proven method to identify high-level risks and opportunities with a quick scan.

Continue with the maturity assessment

Do you want to comply with customs and export control legislation, but find it hard to keep up with changing legislation? Or maybe a new opportunity has appeared on a faraway horizon and you want to find out what it means for customs procedures. We work with you to thoroughly analyse your business and streamline your operations. We ensure your international trade process runs smoothly and help you to regain control of your budget. Using our proven methods, we also check the customs or export compliance maturity of your organisation and provide you with management recommendations so that you can make the most of every opportunity out there.

Drive down costs with a duty saving assessment

Customs duties are bottom-line costs but may be hidden deep in the supply chain. We have the experience and methods to identify and calculate supply chain duty savings.

Go for the AEO assessment

No more worries about AEO audits and AEO authorisations . You can rely on us to prepare everything you need to be approved and authorised by customs. Using our CAS AEO tool, we work with you to ensure you manage the AEO assessment efficiently and meet the AEO requirements. Our CAS software is designed to audit business processes and generates management reports fast. Our experts analyse the data and provide tailored advice for your situation.
More information on our AEO Tool

Cut red tape with the customs automation assessment

We can give you advice on automation and how to work more efficiently within a clear budget. Don’t let administration and business continuity issues keep you awake at night. We will help you sort out the red tape, so that you can improve your customs administration and expand your capabilities.


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Request authorisationsAuthorisations can be requested by our customs experts. Integrated into our solution, customs procedures are being automated to save time and effort.
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Ask expert adviceOur customs experts have the experience and expertise to advise you on how to expand your business, covering all aspects of customs, trade and export controls.
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Automate complianceWe automate your customs administration with our solution and services to ensure business continuity and 100% correct customs declarations.
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