The perfect software to help your business grow faster

Imagine that you never have to wait for paperwork. That all the declarations are completed instantly and information is sent automatically to the people who need it. Then think about the costs saved on manual declarations, spreadsheets and fines. And never having to worry about legislation and compliance. We can automate your customs administration with our own software, developed by our experts. Or we can work with a software supplier of your choice. Together we can choose the perfect software to help your business expand.
Get to know our zero-touch customs compliance solution, CAS.


  • All your customs declarations are 100% correct
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Integrate with your ERP/WMS to avoid duplicating work
  • Focus on your business strategy

Zero-touch compliance, error-free

With zero-touch customs compliance, your business operates both day and night. Our own CAS software prevents 99.99% of all potential issues and only alerts you in the exceptional case when human intervention is needed. All changes in legislation are updated instantly. There is no need for constant damage control, so you are free to focus on making your business grow.

Save time and money

With the right software, your firefighting days are over. Instead of constantly running around and sorting out problems, you have time to focus on your core business and strategy. You have complete control of your customs fees and there are no unpleasant surprises. You can accurately predict your budget and find ways to save money.

Make your customers and staff happy

You make life easier for your customs officers. All the declarations are in perfect order, which means fewer avoidable controls and a faster supply chain. Your AEO authorisation is within reach. Since your staff have less administration to deal with, they can work more efficiently. No more frustration and time wasted on trying to find and share information. Your teams benefit from true collaboration.

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