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Keep Up with Dutch Customs Technology Changes

The Netherlands serves as primary gateway for EU imports and exports and, as such, was one of the first countries we connected to for automatic declaration filingIn order to comply with the UCC legal requirements, Dutch Customs is developing a new declaration system DMS 4.0., which will replace the existing AGS 3.1 declaration system, however this change will require technology-driven processes that can cope with the new, highly automated, real-time declarations. This will be followed by the launch of DMS 4.1, which will replace the GPA and SPA procedures. C4T is aligned with Dutch Customs to ensure CAS is fully integrated with DMS by the time it is launched. 


GPA to DMS 4.1 - The Netherlands


CAS is a centralised, collaborative platform designed to automate regional and worldwide customs declarations quickly and accurately, future-proofing your customs compliance. CAS supports lodging declarations between the Netherlands and any country in the world, either automatically or via last-mile broker management filing. A CAS subscription combined with our Managed Customs Services for declarations is about half the cost of collaborating with customs brokers. Do you want to save costs while increasing efficiency?

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Automated Filing

C4T automates the filing of import, export, and transit declarations from end to end with our zero-touch customs management solution, CAS.



  • AGS
  • DMS
  • NCTS
  • CVB
  • DECO
Port Community Systems

Port Community Systems

  • Cargo Controller Service
  • Portbase

New Legislation for NL Imports

The Dutch Customs Authorities are gradually introducing the Container Release Message (Container Vrijgave Bericht/CVB), which applies to all goods being imported via maritime ports. CVB will link goods arriving in the ports in the Netherlands to a customs declaration. This phased introduction started as of 4 October 2021, establishing a link between AGS and the Customs Manifest. Phase 2 will be introduced in April/May 2022 with a link between NCTS and the Customs Manifest and the final phase will be in September/October 2022. CAS is integrated with Portbase, which will facilitate the CVB message, and CAS can lighten your workload by automating the pre-notification and presentation notification processes. Contact us today to ensure your cargo continues to pass through Dutch customs quickly and efficiently come October 4. 


DECO: The Netherlands' customs system for e-commerce

DECO was designed to process the H7 super-reduced data set to manage the increased volume of e-commerce declarations for low-value consignments. As of July 1, 2021, if you wish to use the reduced H7 data set, you must file your declarations in DECO. CAS integrates with DECO and offers features and functionality that allow for faster customs clearance for your e-commerce consignments.

Transition Timing: AGS to DMS

DMS 4.0

The time schedule of the implementation of DMS 4.0 has changed due to a connection issue which is not allowing Customs to send certain duty payment information to the European Commission. Instead of migrating declarants with normal import and storage declarations to DMS 4.0, customs has decided to first migrate declarants with normal storage procedures. As of September 2022 they will commence with connecting import and export declarants.  

DMS 4.1

The transition to DMS 4.1 will begin with standard customs warehouses from September-December, 2022. Companies using EiDR without phytosanitary or veterinary goods will transition between December 2022 and April 2023 and, finally, those using EiDR with phytosanitary or veterinary goods will transition between January and June of 2023.

Milestones for The Netherlands

4 October
CVB Phase 1

The Container Release Message links to AGS & Customs Manifest

18 July
AGS to DMS 4.0

Customs will start with the implementation of DMS 4.0 by means of a pilot for declarants who file normal storage declarations.

29 August
GPA/SPA to DMS 4.1

The phased approach for DMS 4.1 will start. Declarants making GPA or SPA declarations, need to make use of DMS 4.1 to be able to do supplementary declarations in a similar way.

1 January
VENUE system decommissioned

VENUE simplified declarations for eCommerce goods will no longer be possible

5 May
End of implementation DMS 4.0

The implementation of DMS 4.0 will be done. All declaration types that have to be submitted in DMS 4.0 can now be done here.

30 June
End of implementation of DMS 4.1

The implementation of DMS 4.1 will be done. Periodic declaration procedures, GPA and SPA, will no longer be possible and will need to be lodged in DMS 4.1 or as a standard declaration in DMS 4.0.

Customs Brokers or Software Solution?

The challenges and opportunities of customs compliance experts, use cases comparing the cost of hiring customs brokers versus onboarding a software solution, and a list of considerations to take into account while comparing the two options.


Leverage Special Procedures to Save on Customs Duty and VAT

As a key player in the global trade chain, the Netherlands serves as an intermediary for many goods, with re-exports accounting for about 45% of outbound movements. This means that many Dutch companies could benefit from Inward Processing (IPand Outward Processing (OP) Special Procedures authorisations. The CAS Special Procedures module supports IP and OP along with Customs warehousing (CW), End Use, and Temporary Storage, providing the declarations and inventory reporting necessary claim customs duty and VAT savings allowed through Special Procedures.

Visual Flow - single message double filing_v4

Faster Filing for Imports, Exports, and Transit

With one single message, CAS simultaneously files an export declaration from the country of departure and an import declaration in the country of destination, combined with transit to ensure frictionless border crossing. 

In the background, our Legal Content team keeps CAS up to date with all the latest legislation for each country so you can rest assured your shipments will clear customs with the proper documentation.

Unparalleled Integrations for End-to-End Clearance

CAS integrates with your ERP or WMS system, as well as with customs authorities and Port Community Systems, serving as a customs control tower for all stakeholders. C4T has a close working relationship with the Dutch Customs authorities and will be prepared to connect to DMS 4.0 and 4.1 as soon as they are launched. In addition, CAS is the only customs management solution that is fully integrated with Portbase for end-to-end automation with zero touch required. The only thing you need to do is provide a message with the bill of lading, container number, and Domproc authorisation number to CAS and you will be informed when the goods can be collected. CAS takes care of the rest. CAS also links the bill of lading and the container number. We have integrated with:

  • Melding Export Documentatie (nr. 31)

  • Melding Domproc (DIN/DEN) (nr.12) and

  • Melding Import Documentatie (nr.16)

  • Ladinginformatie (nr.8) Note: As of 1 March 2022, the Ladinginformatie will be replaced by the Cargo Controller Service. This service will provide the messages that have to be sent between the Dutch customs and the trader. The Ladinginformatie EDI will stop at the end of 2021, and the complete service will be stopped as of 1 March 2022.

Ongoing Compliance for Exports to the UK

Compliance measures for EU exports to the UK, as outlined in the UK Border Operating Model, continue to roll out, with milestones stretching into 2022. C4T’s Legal Content and Expert Services teams ensure CAS customers are prepared for upcoming legal and technology changes so shipments proceed without delays. 

Information at your Fingertips

CAS customers have access to a self-service knowledge base with all the information you need to navigate customs for the Netherlands and beyond. With a subscription to CAS, you can quickly find how-to articles like:

  • Registration for customs systems AGS & NCTS in the Netherlands

  • Authorised Consignor authorisation procedure guideline for the Netherlands

  • Authorised Consignee authorisation procedure guideline for the Netherlands

  • Article 23 VAT exemption authorisation procedure guideline for the Netherlands

  • Customs Warehousing authorisation procedure guideline for the Netherlands

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