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Automated Filing

C4T automates the filing of import, export, and transit declarations from end to end with our zero-touch customs management solution, CAS.



  • CDS
  • NCTS
  • GVMS
Port Community Systems

Port Community Systems

  • Destin8
  • Pentant
  • Compass
  • CCS-UK
  • DHL Aviation

Sustainable Customs for Brexit and Beyond

Our customers were ready to ship on Day 1 of Brexit, but those who did not choose a digital solution must continue to adapt to new formalities and customs brokers are already overloadedAs new customs requirements continue to roll out, economic operators and logistics providers need to make sure they comply to ensure uninterrupted movement of goods. CAS is a centralised, collaborative platform designed to automate regional and worldwide customs declarations quickly and accurately, future-proofing your customs complianceA CAS subscription combined with our Managed Customs Services for declarations is about half the cost of collaborating with customs brokers. Do you want to save costs while increasing efficiency?

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Faster Filing for Imports, Exports, and Transit

With one single message, CAS simultaneously files an export declaration from the country of departure and an import declaration in the country of destination, combined with transit to ensure frictionless border crossing. 

In the background, our Legal Content team keeps CAS up to date with all the latest legislation for each country so you can rest assured your shipments will clear customs with the proper documentation.

Post-Brexit milestones

25 June
Supplementary declarations

Supplementary declarations are due for goods imported using the delayed declarations scheme beginning in January 2021

31 October
CHIEF -> CDS ROW to NI Imports

Rest of World (RoW) to Northern Ireland (NI) airfreight declarations on CHIEF have been extended until 31 October 2021

The use of CHIEF for all RoW to NI declarations will formally end for all movements on 31 October 2021. All imports must be declared on CDS

31 December
Delayed declarations scheme

Final date that you can use the delayed declarations scheme (postponed from 30 June 2021)

1 January
Products of Animal Origin

Pre-notification requirements for Products of Animal Origin (POAO), certain animal by-products (ABP), and High Risk Food Not Of Animal Origin (HRFNAO) required

1 January
Organic food

Imports of organic food will need a certificate of inspection (postponed from 1 July 2021)

1 January

GVMS & pre-lodgment model takes effect at certain ports to control goods from the EU into Great Britain

1 January
Low-risk plants and products

Pre-notification and documentary checks, including phytosanitary certificates, will be required for low-risk plants and plant products

1 July
Border Control Posts

Checks at Border Control Posts will take place on live animals and low-risk plants and plant products

1 July
EHC for EU --> GB

An Export Health Certificate (EHC) will be required for exports of POAO from the EU into the UK.

1 July
Physical checks

Physical SPS checks for POAO, certain ABP, and HRFNAO apply at Border Control Posts

1 July
Safety Declarations

Start submitting Safety Security declarations 

1 July
Last date for supplementary declarations

Last date to submit supplementary declarations under the delayed declaration scheme

Latest news

Border Operating Model: A simplified guide to the UK's Border Model

An overview of the 200-page document published by the UK Government, with guidance on how the border with the EU will work after the transition period.

Unparalleled Integrations for End-to-End Clearance

CAS integrates with your ERP or WMS system, as well as with customs authorities and Port Community Systems, serving as a customs control tower for all stakeholders. C4T has a close working relationship with HMRC, is connected to CHIEF today, and is in the process of connecting to CDS for a seamless transition as soon as it is launched. We have also integrated with NCTS and GVMS for transit and Community Service Providers such as Destin8 to satisfy formalities at each port. With these integrations, CAS is able to automate your declarations from end to end, with no action needed on your part.  


Go Beyond Compliance

CAS is built modularly, allowing you to start with Declarations functionality for immediate administrative cost savings and scale with value-added modules including Insights,  Special ProceduresMaster Data, and Origin Management that provide visibility into the totality of your customs operations and help reduce duty costs. Learn more about how CAS can help you join the next generation of customs.  

Did You Know?

On the surface, customs may seem boring and full of red tape. You need only search ‘UK customs’ on YouTube for videos showing how a career in customs can be anything but boring!

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