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Brexit-proof Your Business with Customs Automation

In this webinar, we demonstrated some brand-new functionalities of CAS:

  • Our accelerated onboarding process, which eliminates the need for IT implementation in the short term.
  • The Brexit flow in CAS, our comprehensive customs & trade compliance platform, which enables you to file an import and export declaration with one single message.
  • The three customs flows that will be supported by HMRC, and how we have incorporated them into CAS.

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The Importance of Customs Valuation

During this webinar, we have discussed the following topics:

  • The importance of customs valuation and its value for companies.
  • How CAS can reduce the complexity at the client-side.
  • How our decision tables allow the configuration of the different customs value parameters, in a fast and straightforward way.

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Discover CAS and our Insights module

During this webinar, we have discussed:

  • How our CAS tool works and how it can help your business.
  • The ability to centralise information, generate reports, and share it with stakeholders in our Insights module, CAS' Visibility & Analytics tool.
  • How CAS Insights allows you to gather declaration data filed by external customs brokers or worldwide locations and transform it into dashboards, giving you a centralised view of all of your customs-related activities.

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AEO in Dutch (NL)

In deze webinar kwamen de volgende onderwerpen aan bod:

  • De voordelen voor bedrijven om het AEO certificaat te behalen
  • De laatste ontwikkelingen die betrouwbare Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs) toelaten te genieten van een vrijstelling van de garantie en de keuze geven de plaats van controle te bepalen
  • Onze AEO tool, waarmee u gemakkelijk uw AEO certificaat kan behalen en instandhouden

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AEO in French (FR)

Lors du séminaire en ligne, nous aborderons les sujets suivants:

  • Les avantages pour les entreprises de devenir AEO
  • Les derniers développements qui permettent aux opérateurs économiques fiables de pouvoir bénéficier d'une dispense de la garantie douanière et le choix du lieu de contrôle
  • Notre logiciel AEO, qui vous permet d’obtenir et de maintenir vos autorisations facilement

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Customs Valuation in French (FR)

Lors du séminaire en ligne, nous aborderons les sujets suivants:

  • Les six méthodes d’évaluation de la valeur en douane
  • La définition de vente à l’exportation
  • Les récents développements sur le concept de ‘vente domestique’
  • Les simplifications prévues par la législation
  • Exemples sur la valeur en douane et des cas pratiques

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COVID-19 customs measures

In this webinar, we discussed the COVID-19 customs measures. Topics that were discussed include:

  • Customs decisions
  • Entry of goods
  • Preferential origin of goods
  • Customs procedures
  • Transit
  • Special procedures other than transit
  • Customs debts & guarantees
  • Exit of goods
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Everything you need to know about E-globalisation in Belgium

In this webinar, we will demonstrate:

  • What e-globalisation is and who is impacted
  • The attention points for e-globalisation
  • How it works in theory and in practice
  • How we have automated e-globalisation in CAS

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New UK Border Controls for Food Companies

In this webinar, we demonstrated:

  • What you will need to do as of Oct. 1 for your goods to clear customs
  • Actions required from EU exporters and UK importers
  • Risks that could cause delays at the border and how to overcome them
  • Future border control phases that will affect you
  • Likely consequences and strategic options

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