Dec 06
kirkpatrick_manifesto1.jpgThe European Commission performs yearly updates of the EU list of dual-use items, software and technology controlled by the EU dual-use Regulation. Such updates are performed yearly in order to keep the list updated with the internationally agreed dual-use controls provided by the Wassenaar Arrangement, the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), the Nuclear Suppliers' Group (NSG), the Australia Group and the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). 

The new Commission Regulation has been published in the EU Official Journal and is applicable as of November, 16th 2016 for all EU economic operators.

The new items that are now controlled with the updates:
  • Two new viruses – SARS-related coronavirus and Reconstructed 1918 influenza virus - were added to the control list. 
  • Addition of the chemical Diethylamine (109-89-7) as controlled item. 
  • A new control for laser measuring systems has been added in the category on materials processing. 
  • A new control for software for the operation and maintenance of guidance sets has been added in the category on navigation and avionics. 
  • Gel propellant rocket motors have been added to the liquid rocket engine control. 
The most significant changes: 
  • Several CAS numbers have been added to certain listed chemicals. Moreover, several viruses were renamed and the controls on biological equipment were reviewed.
  • Due to the changes to section on “Information Security”, the systems, equipment and components for non-cryptographic information security and the ones for defeating, weakening or bypassing information security (by means of cryptanalytic functions) are controlled separately from information security systems, equipment and components.
  • Updates of the control of laser measuring systems and a new control for electronic equipment that can perform high-speed analogue-to-digital conversions.
Controls have been removed on:
  • Aerospace/missile seals, some hydraulic fluids and underwater cameras. ​
C4T provides several solutions for export classification, Internal Compliance Programs on export controls, requests of export licenses and trainings. 

With regard to export classification, Customs4trade can provide a web-based tool to determine the dual-use status of the items, software and technology that EU economic operators wish to export or transfer outside the EU. Thanks to this user-friendly IT tool, the users are enabled to determine the dual-use status of the items by replying with yes/no answers. 

For further information about the consultancy services on export controls and the automated solutions for export classifications please refer to our website. If you wish to request a demo of the C4T dual-use tool you may contact us at or (+32) 15 46 08 46. 

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