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Blogs | 22 December 2020

10 Reasons Why Santa Would Be a Great C4Ter

  1. He has a global focus. Santa runs the ultimate multinational operation, getting goods to destinations around the world quickly and efficiently without delays at borders.
  2. He is inclusive. When nobody else would let Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer join in any reindeer games, Santa saw the strength in his diversity and tasked him with the most mission-critical job of all: guiding the sleigh that foggy Christmas Eve.
  3. He believes in equal opportunity. Santa entrusts his payload to a mix of male and female reindeer and hires elves based on merit, not race, color, nationality, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or height.
  4. He is a team player. Santa relies on his team of enthusiastic, hard-working elves to keep his workshop running year-round and to take the initiative to create innovative toys for good girls and boys.
  5. He knows his customers. Santa has a big red book with the names of all children and up-to-date information about their behavior in the past year.

    Christmas Santa C4T
  6. He has great vision. Santa has an eye on his customers and what they need and want. His personal and professional outreach to children all around the world keeps his vision on track and evolving.
  7. He is a customs expert. Whether he is delivering by air, land, or sea, Santa knows the formalities he needs to follow for faster time to market.
  8. He believes in quality control. Santa knows that his customers can’t enjoy their toys if he forgets the batteries or drumsticks. His quality checks ensure each release is fully functional.
  9. He is passionate about his work. Santa is accountable and reliable, fulfilling his duties every year with a sense of purpose and a jolly “Ho, ho, ho!”
  10. He could use our wellness program. After consuming millions of cookies in a single night, Santa could really benefit from a Grokker account!



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