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Blogs | 15 February 2023

Preparing for the final DMS countdown

The DMS deadline will be here before you know it, and businesses will need to modify processes and declarations systems prior to this date. 

Keeping you updated on the latest announcements from Dutch customs

Declarants who have not yet migrated to DMS can continue to submit declarations for import and export in AGS until November 2023* at the latest, however, we learned from the UK’s transition from CHIEF to CDS that businesses were not ready, and faced delays in being able to submit declarations and keep their goods moving when the deadline came. 

In our 2022 webinar only 12% of participants voted that they were comfortable with the DMS data requirement changes. This leaves a staggering 88% unsure about what is required for the transition. 

The story so far...

The original deadline set out by MASP (Multi-Annual Strategic Plan for Electronic Customs) for the schedule of implementing DMS 4.0 has been delayed several times due to a connection issue which was not allowing Customs to send certain duty payment information to the European Commission. Customs authorities are still making changes to the data needed for filing declarations, requiring software providers like C4T to stay on top of the changes and be ready to adapt. 

By preparing for the deadline as soon as possible you'll be sure of a seamless transition to DMS. Check with your customs software provider what deadline applies to the specific situation of your business as there are multiple phases that will affect businesses differently and some software providers are even charging businesses for the transition.

See the Timeline for introducing DMS 4.0 and 4.1 for import, storage and export declarations ( for more information on the updated phases. 

How it works at C4T

The Netherlands was one of the first countries CAS (Customs Accounting System) connected to for automatic declaration filing.  C4T has a close working relationship with the Dutch Customs authorities and will be prepared to connect to DMS 4.0 and 4.1 as soon as they are launched. 

If you currently have a GPA or SPA permit, C4T’s customs experts can help you transition your declarations procedures for automatic filing using CAS. 

If you have questions relating to DMS or are uncertain how to smoothly transition to the new process. Book a CAS demo today. 

To help you along the way we have developed a library of free resources available here. You can also download the 5-step checklist to make sure you are ready for the transition from AGS to DMS.

download checklist



*November 30th is the deadline if you do both import/export. April 28th is the deadline if you do import only. December 31st if you are an IIAA license holder.

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