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Automate trade formalities for the Republic of Ireland


A Strategic Location for Trade

Ireland is perhaps impacted most by Brexit within the EU. Almost 15% of Irish goods are exported to the UK and almost 26% of Irish goods are imported from the UK. In addition, the UK land bridge is a key factor in Irish trade with the EU, as it is the fastest and most efficient transport route. Using the land bridge to transport goods across the European single market post Brexit requires the declaration of goods for import and export or the use of Special Procedures and transit.

CAS is a centralised, collaborative platform designed to automate regional and worldwide customs declarations quickly and accurately, future-proofing your customs compliance. A CAS subscription combined with our Managed Customs Services for declarations is about half the cost of collaborating with customs brokers. Do you want to save costs while increasing efficiency?

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Automated Filing

C4T automates the filing of import, export, and transit declarations from end to end with our zero-touch customs management solution, CAS.



  • AEP
  • AIS
  • ICS
  • NCTS
Port Community Systems

Port Community Systems

Not available

CAS: Everything You Need for Returned Goods Relief

The Returned Goods Relief (RGR) procedure allows you to re-import goods exported from the EU back into the EU without payment of customs duty and import VAT. However, customs authorities require a detailed audit trail and the burden of proof lies on the economic operator. Irish Revenue has confirmed that the audit trail maintained in CAS is sufficient to qualify for RGR, as CAS retains a certified copy of the export declaration. No INF3 form is required except when the customs office of entry is not in the same Member State as the customs office of export that issued the initial export declaration.

ROS Registration

To be able to export and import goods from and to Ireland, you must first register for a Revenue Online Service account (ROS). This three-step process includes:

  • applying for an ROS Access Number (RAN)

  • applying for your digital certificate

  • downloading and saving your digital certificate

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Faster Filing for Imports, Exports, and Transit

With one single message, CAS simultaneously files an export declaration from the country of departure and an import declaration in the country of destination, combined with transit to ensure frictionless border crossing. In the background, our Legal Content team keeps CAS up to date with all the latest legislation for each country so you can rest assured your shipments will clear customs with the proper documentation.

Leverage Special Procedures to Save on Customs Duty and VAT

The CAS Special Procedures module supports cost-saving customs regimes, including Customs warehousing (CWH), Inward Processing Relief (IP), Outward Processing Relief (OP), End Use, and Temporary Storage. This value-added module integrates with the CAS Declarations module to produce the declarations and inventory reporting necessary to claim customs duty and VAT savings allowed through Special Procedures.

Go Beyond Compliance

CAS is built modularly, allowing you to start with Declarations functionality for immediate administrative cost savings and scale with value-added modules including Insights,  Special ProceduresMaster Data, and Origin Management that provide visibility into the totality of your customs operations and help reduce duty costs. Learn more about how CAS can help you join the next generation of customs.

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