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What we do

We specialise in customs, excise, and international trade software solutions and services. With our team of experts, we develop, commercialise, and operate CAS, a global trade management solution for enterprises that want to centralise and automate their customs and trade compliance processes. CAS enables enterprises to run a global digital customs competence centre that reduces administrative and duty costs while keeping up with the ever-changing complexities of customs and trade regulations. In tandem with our expert advisory services, CAS helps organisations go beyond compliance to make customs and trade a strategic component of their growth.


Our story

During a white night, inspired by Blown to Bits: How the New Economics of Information Transforms Strategy, I dreamt about transforming customs services into a combination of expertise, legal content, and technology.

From that day onwards, I started to seek allies, and in 2004 I founded C4T. We began as a consultancy, however the goal was to move beyond providing guidance to developing a technology solution that could tackle the complexities of customs head on. I set out to assemble a unique team of customs experts and best-of-breed technology engineers to create CAS, a one-of-a-kind software solution that automates customs and trade compliance. Our team of experts and developers have been working together ever since to forge digital tools that apply customs and legal expertise to automate compliance. We have created a team with a great "can do" attitude and drive to get the job done, providing clients with continual updates and feature enhancements.

Today, CAS is composed of several modules to be used in combination or as a stand-alone solution and can be fully integrated with SAP or other ERP/WMS systems. Our core Declarations functionality supports zero-touch filing in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Ireland with more countries to follow. To date we have introduced our Special Procedures module that manages Inward Processing (IPR), Customs Warehousing, End-Use and Outward Processing (OPR); our visibility and analytics module, Insights; and our Configuration Model including Decision Tables, with our Origin Management model in full development.

With CAS, our clients experience faster time to market, reduce customs duty and administration costs, and gain strategic visibility into their customs operations. We are committed to shifting the role of customs organisations from cost centre to strategic player and continue to define the future of customs. Our story is far from finished.

Pieter Haesaert, founder

Our value

Guidance from an expert can go a long way to save time and money. Our team members are highly trained in customs, excise, and international trade operations and we tie it all together with technology. We deliver state-of-the-art automation, administrative simplification, cost reduction, flawless projects, and pragmatic advice to companies of all sizes, from global multinationals to niche family firms. Our experts and unique software guarantee the best customs strategy for your business.

What we can do

Automate import & export processes

Automate import & export processes

Keep you up to date with legislation

Keep you up to date with legislation

Optimise your trade lanes

Optimise your trade lanes

Identify time & cost savings opportunities

Identify time & cost savings opportunities

Provide customs expertise

Provide customs expertise

How we can help you

Whether you have small questions or big plans, we can guide you through the complexity of customs, excise, and international trade operations. We combine our automated customs compliance solution, CAS, with expert advisory services to streamline your operations and optimise your customs duties. Let us take the burden off your shoulders. You can rely on us to update CAS with changes in legislation, highlight upcoming issues, and uncover opportunities to save time and money.

Meet our team

Our inspiring founders

With great knowledge comes great responsibility. Our team can count on pioneers in the rapidly changing world of international trade. Together, they combine a lifetime of experience.


Pieter Haesaert

CEO See profile on LinkedIn

Ilse Vermeersch

COO See profile on LinkedIn

Looking for a new opportunity? Become a C4Ter!

We are growing fast and always looking for new talent. You may be hesitant to apply because you may think you do not have the proper background—don't let that hold you back! Our team welcomes passionate people with vision and initiative from all walks of life. We have an incredibly diverse team with colleagues from all over the world. We make hiring and advancement decisions based on merit, without regard to race, color, religion, nationality, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender. Many of our employees begin and grow their careers at C4T, learning on the job and changing roles as they gain expertise. You can read some of their stories on our Inspire blog, then ask yourself: do I want to be at the forefront of innovation? If so, join us! With great people, unique ideas, and amazing technology, we are changing the future of customs.

Get to know more about our extraordinary workplace, our employees, and our company values in our 'Welcome to C4T' video!

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At your service

At your service

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