Blogs | 20 February 2019

What’s Cooking at C4T?

Rob Hendrickx and I, Tom Reunes, work together on the C4T development team and we used to make a daily trip to the butcher to pick up sandwiches for lunch. After a while, though, we got sick of constantly eating the same sandwiches and felt the need to spice things up with some variation. When we moved to the new C4T office, we suddenly couldn’t walk to the butcher anymore so we decided to take advantage of our shiny new kitchen.

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How it all started

In the beginning we just picked up ingredients at the supermarket to prepare our own sandwiches, but then we started cooking together. We like to make salads with a number of tasty ingredients and on Thursdays we try to provide our colleagues a menu with spare ribs or chicken, croquettes, and some vegetables. Anyone who wants to join can subscribe by contacting us, and we keep the bills straight using an app called SplitWise.

Tom and Rob’s Shrimp and Salmon Salad

Here is one of our creations. We hope you enjoy it!


Mixed greens
Leek sprouts
Shrimp (divided)
Smoked salmon
Hard boiled eggs
Olive oil
Ricotta cheese or Herb cheese (depends on your preference)


Chop the tomatoes, cucumber, scallion, and eggs

Make a mixture (filling) with the cheese, scallions, half the shrimp, leek sprouts, and salt and pepper

Make another mixture (dressing) with mustard, mayonnaise, olive oil, and honey

Spread the filling mixture on one side of the smoked salmon and make into rolls

Put your filled salmon rolls in the middle of your plate

Surround them with mixed salad, leek sprouts, cucumber, tomato, eggs, and other half of shrimp

Pour your dressing over it and enjoy!

Remember: Tasting is the most important part of cooking!

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