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Save on duty costs with automated, inventory-managed
Special Procedures


To promote economic activity, many countries offer the possibility of suspending or drawing back customs duties by means of authorisations for storage and processing of goods. These authorisations are called ‘Special Procedures’ in the Union Customs Code (UCC) and include Inward Processing Relief (IPR), Outward Processing Relief (OPR), Customs Warehousing (CWH), End Use, Temporary Storage, Temporary Admission, and VAT Warehousing.

Authorisations to use Special Procedures are granted to companies that meet certain conditions with regards to inventory (movements, stock records) and customs declarations. While the use of Special Procedures can save qualifying companies a significant amount of money on duty costs, proper implementation can be complex and time-consuming. ERP or WMS source systems are often not designed to apply Special Procedures or provide the reporting required by Customs Authorities. C4T’s Customs Accounting System (CAS) is a fully compliant customs management solution that allows you to implement and manage the most complex Special Procedures and produce the required reports and declarations at the touch of a button.


Special Procedures

Key benefits

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Special Procedures?

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1. Cost savings
Save on customs duty costs or avoid them altogether by taking advantage of Special Procedures authorisations for storage and processing of goods. 

2. Visibility
Get the reports you need to provide to Customs Authorities instantly. Gain insights, monitor KPIs, and view status reports via an intuitive dashboard that provides a consolidated, real-time overview across all operations and multiple countries. Discover CAS Insights, our Visibility & Analytics tool.

3. Administration
Automated administration of Special Procedures and generation of reporting and declarations required by Customs Authorities.

4. Assured Compliance
C4T’s customs experts continually update CAS with changes to customs law, so you can rest assured you’re in compliance.

5. Scalable
Gain organisational agility with the ability to quickly onboard cross-border trade flows, additional storage locations, and production plants, or downscale to focus on the local market.

How it works

Implement complex Special Procedures automatically with CAS

Stock records for Special Procedures are based on movements derived from customs declarations and received from the ERP or WMS source system.  These stock records, housed in CAS, are the basis for reporting to Customs Authorities. 

Movement records are kept per Authorisation of a Special Procedure and per Storage Location, replicating your organisational structure to the extent necessary.

As soon as the declaration for entry under the Special Procedure has been released, movement lines are created and stock is booked.

The movements for removal of goods from the Special Procedure will automatically trigger the appropriate customs declarations discharging the procedure, based on the chosen configuration.

CAS stock records can be reconciled with the source system thanks to a fine-grained organisational structure replicating your environment, combined with the status of the goods and status of the customs declarations in CAS.


Special Procedures-How it works



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Main Features

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Cut the red tape and automate your international trade, from declarations to stock management and administration. Avoid errors, fines, delays and inefficiency and save on customs duty costs with CAS.
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The changes in customs law due to Brexit stand to have a significant impact on Honda Motor Europe, however our partnership with Customs4trade has allowed us to prepare in advance. They have helped make us  “Brexit Ready” by expanding the UK import/export customs logic in CAS, which will, together with their Special Procedure Module for Customs Warehousing, increase our cash flow optimisation for future EU imports into the UK.

Shaun Hall, Customs and International Trade Manager, Honda Motor Europe

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