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EU Trader Portal & Customs Decision Management System

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 by Customs 4 Trade

This afternoon, Dutch customs informed the trader community with a webinar about the launch of the EU Trader Portal and the Customs Decision Management System (CDMS).

As of October 2017 traders will have to request UCC customs authorisations or amendments to authorisations in the Netherlands via an online portal. For national Dutch customs authorisations, this will be possible as of the first quarter of 2018. This project is part of the implementation of the UCC, enabling electronic communication of all customs processes. Also in other Member States the customs authorities are launching portals for managing customs authorisations. Belgian customs authorities will launch a portal for the UCC cross border authorisation requests in October. Other authorisation requests will be handled with a national portal.

Traders will be able to see the status of their authorisation request in the portal, but will not receive email notifications. Authorisation requests can be saved, downloaded or printed. Traders will have to request the authorisation in the Member State that granted the EORI number of the company requesting the authorisation. Traders will be able to login with e-identification granted to a person that is authorised in the company to request an authorisation. According to the Dutch customs authorities, representatives will not be able to request an authorisation.

Eventually, the customs authorities will have to convert all existing customs authorisations into UCC based authorisations by May 2019. This huge exercise will be accompanied by customs audits to check whether the conditions of these authorisations comply with UCC requirements.

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