Blogs | 18 October 2018

Taking Team Building and Running With It

Innovation is a cornerstone of the Customs4trade mindset so when the idea surfaced to start a company running program it wasn’t much of a surprise to see more than half the team get behind the idea. Along with our “green” office practices, the running program is also a reflection of how work-life relationships promote a healthy balance and a healthy mind. And what has been the greatest aspect of the running program? Seeing members of the team facing challenges, overcoming them and growing together. We chatted with Jennifer Sanders, C4T Quality Assurance, and our Corporate Running Program Coach John Rooms about the program…


How did the Running Program come about?

Jennifer: Just a few of us started in December last year kind of randomly with a ten mile run. We enjoyed it so much that we thought it would be a good idea to try and recruit more people and even get a coach to make sure we knew what we were doing! Not everyone likes to run but the program has grown to 16 members strong!

John: I work as a physical therapist helping to develop running skills so I was excited to be a part of this team. In just over six months we’ve got 16 members, which is really impressive for an office of almost 30 people! It’s been great to see everyone get involved and really put a lot of effort into making it something beneficial for all.

How is the program organized with all of the members?

Jennifer: I was happy to take on the job of being the coordinator for the program and have made it my mission to get as many people onboard as possible! I answer all the questions and help coordinate schedules and runs so we can stay on track with the training. We are hoping to do a half marathon in October.

John: We split the group into two to focus on different goals for each, some are more advanced runners who are running 3-4 times a week in prep for the half marathon, and some are still focusing on building stamina and endurance with a combination of core strength exercises and shorter runs. Both groups do warm-up and cool-down sessions together and are very present in supporting each other.


Besides the health benefits, what else has the Running Program achieved?

John: It has been truly exciting to see this program come together. Running is not an easy hobby to take on and the level of dedication from the team at C4T always impresses me. Running together helps build relationships outside of the office and I’m sure that reflects on the level of teamwork that then happens inside the office.

Jennifer: Yes, I think everyone can agree, and not just the runners, that the program has been a really great way to get to know each other in a different way. We have a really international team at C4T and it’s been fun learning about people and seeing them in a non-work setting. 

Thanks to the clever idea of starting a corporate running program, the relationships between our team members are more dynamic. Working towards goals together, pushing each other and also holding each other accountable translates to solid team building. Rather than a one off team building activity, the Running Program is a structured aspect of our innovative working lifestyle and something we are very proud of. Thanks to Jennifer and John for sharing!




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